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IBM aims to help banks with legacy systems fight disruption  TechRepublic

Thought Machine and IBM are offering a solution for financial institutions to decommission legacy platforms without upending business operations in the ...

Flight simulator restoration wins Tony Sale Award for computer conservation  E&T Magazine

A US project to reconstruct three landmark generations of flight simulators has been named as winner of an international prize for computer conservation.

New Virtual World Sansar Is Ready to Pick Up Where Second Life Left Off  Singularity Hub

On its 14th birthday, a reflection on Linden Lab's groundbreaking Second Life, and how their next project Sansar hopes to go even further. In May 2006 ...

What I learned about virtual worlds by helping found OpenSim ?  Hypergrid Business

When we started OpenSim many years ago (back with MW, lbsa71 and many others who have since drifted on), we had grand ambitions. Yes, it started as a fun ...

Who still hangs out on Second Life? More than half a million people  The Globe and Mail

In this series, we explore how our online identities intersect with who we really are. Do you remember Second Life? For most people, one of the first large-scale ...

A Second Life for Big Business  MIT Technology Review

Technology companies are building virtual headquarters in the video game Second Life to win customers and keep employees happy.

Why Is 'Second Life' Still a Thing?  Motherboard

To an outsider, Second Life may look like a crappier version of World of Warcraft. It's a vast digital space many people can log into with their virtual avatars, only ...

IBM, Second Life create business-friendly virtual worlds

IBM and Second Life creator Linden Lab are teaming up to build enterprise-ready virtual worlds that can be deployed behind a customer's firewall.

Second Life Enterprise was a costly mistake ?  Hypergrid Business

[Editor: A couple of years ago, Chris Ravensoft was an actual paying customer for Second Life Enteprise, a behind-the-firewall version of Second Life, designed ...

Eero Saarinen's Bell Labs Campus Gets a Reboot  CityLab

A suburban megacampus for corporate giant Bell Labs makes way for a more diverse second life.

Beyond Second Life: Philip Rosedale?s Gutsy Plan for a New Virtual-Reality Empire  IEEE Spectrum

Philip Rosedale, the Willy Wonka of virtual reality, is giving me a tour of his bustling office in San Francisco in August when his blue eyes sparkle with a better ...

What happened to Second Life?  BBC News

Not long ago Second Life was everywhere, with businesses opening branches and bands playing gigs in this virtual world. Today you'd be forgiven for asking if ...

Virtual Meetings Get A 2nd Life  CNBC

Forget the days of companies flying employees to exotic locales to rally the troops and strategize.

Mastercard (MA) Shareholder Jlb & Associates Has Trimmed Holding by $819,084; North Run Capital LP Continues to Hold Holding in Tile Shop Hldgs (TTS)  The FinExaminer

Jlb & Associates Inc decreased its stake in Mastercard (MA) by 3.33% based on its latest 2018Q2 regulatory filing with the SEC. Jlb & Associates Inc sold 4179 ...

Going to the virtual office in Second Life  CNN

London, England (CNN) -- As travel budgets are squeezed and slashed in the recession, companies are increasingly seeking innovative ways of bringing ...

This company was 13 years early to virtual reality ? and it's getting ready to try again  Business Insider

Second Life, the original virtual reality, may not be the media sensation it once was back in the heady days of 2003. Back then, the world was ooh-ing and ...

Kotak Private Equity raising second life sciences fund  VCCircle

Kotak Private Equity is mobilising capital for its second life sciences venture fund, a decade after raising the first such corpus,

Matt Hancock to give keynote speech at health tech event  Pharmafield

The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, is to give a keynote speech on the second day of the GIANT Health health technology event.

Marketers were jumping on the virtual reality brand wagon back in 2007  Marketing magazine Australia

After Second Life hit the headlines in 2006, brands were falling over themselves to claim a piece of its virtual reality.

Second Life Is Back for a Third Life, This Time in Virtual Reality  MIT Technology Review

Sansar is a new social, virtual-reality world coming later this year from the company behind Second Life.

Second Life developer breathes life into social VR with new virtual world, Sansar  SiliconANGLE News

Linden Lab, the creator of the world's most popular and prolific virtual world Second Life, released its newest creation, the virtual reality world of Sansar, to the ...

5000 TPA Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Facility for New York State  Waste Management World

SungEel MCC Americas has confirmed the location of its first North American lithium-ion battery and recycling plant in the Huron Campus, formerly the ...

Second life of buildings. Poland and CEE  Warsaw Business Journal

On October 1, 2018, the next edition of the event organized by the Second Life Building Initiative will take place in Warsaw ? the annual ?Second Life of ...

Whatever happened to Second Life?  BBC News

The social media website, Second Life launched 10 years ago and some corporations thought would change the face of business forever.

University strikes: can workers fully withdraw labour in the digital age?  The Conversation UK

Over the past month, industrial action by academics has seen picket lines outide many universities in the UK. Supported by members of the student body and a ...

The Growing World of Non-Fungible Tokens  CoinCentral

There are a growing number of non-fungible tokens entering the cryptomarket this year as tokenization goes into full swing. Learn more here.

?Bathroom Bills? Get Second Life in Special Session  The Texas Observer

Three different proposals to discriminate against transgender Texans await lawmakers in what critics have dubbed the ?Session of Oppression.?

A Virtual World but Real Money  New York Times

An online *service* called Second Life is fast becoming a three-dimensional test bed for corporate marketers.

CityLab Daily: Why Widening a Road Doesn't Ease Traffic  CityLab

Keep up with the most pressing, interesting, and important city stories of the day. Sign up for the CityLab Daily newsletter here. *** ...

Making the global food system transparent and efficient  Foodprocessing

Using the IBM Food Trust solution, food can be traced from grower to consumer, enabling a more transparent and collaborative supply chain.

Explore Star Trek History With 'The Roddenberry Nexus' VR Experience  TrekMovie

Roddenberry Entertainment and Linden Labs (creator of the popular virtual world Second Life) have created a new virtual reality experience for Trekkies using ...

AM Radio: The Banksy of Second Life  Polygon

Last year, a friend asked if I wanted to meet the man known as AM Radio. I never expected to meet him. If the world of MMOs has a Banksy, it's AM Radio.

A Second Chance for Second Life - WSJ  Wall Street Journal

Virtual world Second Life is gaining popularity as a setting for trade shows, meetings and other corporate events for the likes of Northrop and IBM.

3 Innovative Ways Blockchain Will Build Trust In The Food Industry  Forbes Now

Trust is a fragile thing. Break it even once, and people will never forget. In the food industry, trust is dwindling. Just look to Chipotle. After a major E. coli breakout ...

72andSunny NY Hires Monsey, Lazaro Joins BBH | Creative Moves

Justine Armour and Jessica Monsey Credit: Armour: 72andSunny; Monsey: Kyle Pero. 72andSunny New York has tapped Jessica Monsey as managing director ...

UNT's Anna McKee Is the Queen of the Mainframe  Study Breaks

After the 'Master the Mainframe' competition, the 22-year-old Anna McKee from the University of North Texas found new inspiration for her future career.

How Frightened Should We Be of A.I.?  The New Yorker

Tad Friend writes that thinking about artificial intelligence can help clarify what makes us human?for better and for worse.

Second Life eyes second act as virtual reality matures  Financial Times

Ten years after they were published, the magazine covers hailing Second Life as the future of the digital economy still hang on the walls of its creator, Linden ...

Virtual worlds used as business collaboration tools  TechTarget

When it comes to business collaboration tools, virtual worlds may not be for everyone. But virtual worlds are worth exploring. They can foster teamwork, creativity ...

Three Worst Second Life Business Plans ?  Hypergrid Business

The three top businesses in Second Life are land sales, item sales, and (presumably ? no hard data available) sex. For businesses looking to explore Second ...

Laying Down the Virtual Law in Second Life  E-Commerce Times

Millions of people have created avatars that live in Internet virtual worlds. Those virtual worlds include Second Life and Maple Story, as well as video games.

Virtual Reality's 'Godmother' Talks Innovating Despite Adversity  Inc.

The journalist-turned-CEO of Emblematic Group calls out the gender disparity in VC funding--and explains her own struggles.

High Fidelity raises $35M to develop blockchain economies for VR marketplaces  SiliconANGLE

Looking to continue to push the envelope of virtual reality social platforms, High Fidelity Inc. announced today it has raised $35 million in a late-stage funding to ...

Meet the Top Companies Changing the Face of the Electric Grid in 2018  Greentech Media News

This year's Grid Edge Innovation Summit will bring together top talent and expertise from around the world of distributed energy. And as with every Greentech ...

IBM receives patents on augmented realities and virtual universes

Today, we're following up with our second part of our recent IBM coverage with a survey of the company's recent patent grants from the U.S. Patent and ...

Consumers play a decisive role in the shift towards a circular economy  Daily Planet`

Consumers will play a decisive role in changing existing processes towards a global, circular economy. Products with a strong brand could help to stimulate a ...

Don't Panic! - h+ Mediah+ Media  h+ Magazine

By Calum Chase. First Published on Pandora's Brain. Franklin D Roosevelt was inaugurated as US President in March 1933, in the depth of the Great ...

Linden Lab launches enterprise version of Second Life virtual world  VentureBeat

Second Life is going corporate. The virtual world already has more than 1400 companies staging meetings and conferences inside its virtual landscapes.

The recycling game is rigged against consumers | Commentary  Dallas News

Americans were not set up for success in recycling plastics. Even before China stopped accepting plastic refuse from abroad, 91 percent of...

IBM expands virtual world presence  The Age

IBM is ramping up its presence in virtual worlds, assigning staff from its Australian and Asian offices to help man its Business Centre in the 3D online world of ...

Virtual drag a thorny issue for employers ?  Hypergrid Business

In recent years, companies have begun using virtual worlds such as Second Life, OpenSim, Forterra and Qwaq to hold virtual meetings ? and employees have ...

The Recycling Game Is Rigged Against You  Bloomberg

Even if you put everything into the right blue bins, a lot of plastics will end up in landfills and the ocean. Consumers can't solve this problem.

Login - August 24, 2018  Axios

This will have to last you until Monday, so read slowly. 1 big thing: Platforms fight against a sea of hacks. An illustration of the Facebook logo and padlocks ...

Here Comes the Open Source Metaverse  GigaOm

While Second Life is frequently described as a 3D web browser, there's a chance it may be remembered as the (late and?

Will IBM's Bet On A Realigned Jobs Market Be Its Undoing?  Forbes

Will IBM lead the race to disaggregate its employee base into a freelance labor pool or will the new world of labor be its undoing?

How Can I Recycle That? - one woman's mission: recycling...  Volume One

During this year's spring cleaning, I hauled out all the things that I haven't disposed of because I felt guilty about tossing them in the garbage: a microwave that ...

The Computer That Ran for School President  Atlas Obscura

In the spring of 1975, at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, a computer ran for student-body president. It was the leading edge of the era of personal computers.

Onboarding Options When Face-To-Face Onboarding Is Not An Option  Forbes

Relationship building is an essential part of onboarding. The most essential relationship is the one between an employee and his or her boss. The strongest ...

What can I do for 10 minutes every day that will change my life?  Ladders

Even though I practice these habits for more than 10 minutes a day, they can be practiced for as long or short a time period as you want. All you need is a timer, ...

Blockchain Bonanza: Solution Providers Say The Technology Behind Bitcoin Is 'The Real Deal'  CRN

Solution providers and other industry observers say the applicability of blockchain, the distributed ledger technology that powers cryptocurrencies, has the ...

SME 2018: RYOT Studio's Kathryn Friedrich Talks Storytelling and Brand Engagement

Streaming Media's Tim Siglin interviews RYOT Studio's Kathryn Friedrich at Streaming Media East 2018.

7 Reasons Why I'm Short IBM  Seeking Alpha

I am, and have been, unabashedly and enthusiastically bullish on cloud computing. The cloud is faster, cheaper, and - despite what you may have heard - more ...

Galaxy Digital Invests $20 Million in Blockchain Virtual Reality Platform  Blockchain News

Galaxy Digital, owned by Hedge fund manager Mike Novogratz, has invested USD 20 million in High Fidelity, a blockchain-based virtual reality (VR) platform.

The Rise of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure  Virtualization Review

Many of the big-name hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) vendors were founded in 2009, meaning we're coming up on a decade of HCI. Everyone knows that ...

How Facebook Killed the Virtual World  Wired News

The Facebook IPO, however rocky, marked a coming of age for the loose collection of technologies and services known as "social media." If Mark Zuckerberg ...

Radical Life Extension Leadership by Natasha Vita-More - h+ Media  h+ Magazine

Meetings, Conferences, and Festivals. In this article, I approach the background of radical life extension and historical events that brought people together to ...

Why death may not be so final in the future

As technology evolves and the lines between our physical and virtual existences dissolve, traditional casket burials may become a thing of the past.

JoRoan Lazaro Becomes Executive Creative Director At BBH NY  SHOOT Online

JoRoan Lazaro has been named executive creative director at BBH NY. He will report to BBH NY's chief creative officer Gerard Caputo.

BMW Exec: 85% Of Our Cars Will Still Have Engine In 2030  InsideEVs

BMW is following the path to the electric future, but they are doing it on their own terms. Like, some very slow terms.

IBM To Use Game Environment for SOA Training  Wired News

If you can imagine Second Life with less nudity and set in an NPC-littered office, then you've got the gist of IBM's new virtual office sim Innov8. Previewed at the ...

BBC Learning English | Second Life  BBC News

Ever thought that you'd like another life? Is real life - well - sometimes too real? Perhaps you'd be better off with a second life. Well one of the biggest ...

Havas, Barbarian Vet JoRoan Lazaro Heads to BBH New York as ECD  AgencySpy

We last heard from Lazaro in late 2015, when he joined The Barbarian Group as its newest CD to no shortage of lame Superdesk jokes. He later left Barbarian to ...

Powervault to give electric car batteries a second life in smart homes  The Internet of Business

Renault is partnering with Powervault in a deal that will see electric vehicle batteries redeployed to store solar power in smart homes.

Eclipse Foundation pushes faster, cloudier Jakarta EE  The Register

The Eclipse Foundation has today released the new governance model for Jakarta EE, with an emphasis on creating a cloud native, code-first and ...

Virtual Rape Is Traumatic, but Is It a Crime?  Wired News

Last month, two Belgian publications reported that the Brussels police have begun an investigation into a citizen's allegations of rape ? in Second Life. I am half ...

Novelist Steve Hamilton launches a second publishing life  Detroit Free Press

The release of an acclaimed new crime novel called ?The Second Life of Nick Mason? also marks, in a way, the start of a second life for its best-selling author, ...

Google Glass Gets a Second Life in the ER  IEEE Spectrum

Google Glass, despite its dramatic 2012 unveiling via a live skydiving demo, never became a consumer hit, and Google stopped selling the device in January ...

Apple faces strong competition from Amazon

As Apple is set to become the first trillion dollar company, a strong rival is only just behind ? and it's not Google or Samsung.

Out of the ashes: 8 brands that found life after retail death  Retail Dive

Retail brands bought out of bankruptcy can have a second life as an e-tailer or a product label. But will the afterlife of these retailers last forever?

Is Social Business the Same as Social Media?  Forbes

Image via Wikipedia The social business meme is very much on the rise. Being good at social media doesn't necessarily make a business social, so what does?

Faye Flam: How recycling policy makes recycling harder  St. Paul Pioneer Press

Americans were not set up for success in recycling plastics. Even before China stopped accepting plastic refuse from abroad, 91 percent of potentially recyclable ...

Event: Back to the future in the Metaverse, Second Life, May 15 - h+ Media  h+ Magazine

On Thursday, May 15, at 11am PDT (2pm EDT, 8pm EU) there will be a meeting in Second Life to discuss the VR renaissance outlined in Back to the future in ...

Telco Central Offices Get Second Life as Cloud Data Centers  Data Center Knowledge

As telcos virtualize their networks, their switching facilities will look more and more like web-scale data centers.

IoT may throw a lifeline to PLM systems  TechTarget

IoT-connected products promise a continuous feedback loop for PLM systems, allowing them to live up to their promise as hubs for the entire product lifecycle.

Virtually an Art Market? Artfully Living a Second Life  Brooklyn Rail

Now that the Internet is ubiquitous and many of us prefer email, instant messaging and online chat rooms to live conversation, it was only a matter of time before ...

New hero, a Chicago criminal, helps author Steve Hamilton escape  Chicago Sun-Times

For a time, Steve Hamilton felt like an escaped convict, like a character in one of his.

Real World Got You Down? IBM Invites You To A Virtual Forbidden City.  TechCrunch

Can't afford a ticket to China to go visit the Forbidden City? Well, now all you need is your computer. IBM, which is a big believer in virtual worlds, and China's ...

Kotak PE's S Sriniwasan on early-stage bets, real-estate play and more  VCCircle

Last week, VCCircle reported that Kotak Private Equity was in the process of raising its second life sciences venture fund, which.

Maurice Clarett has found a second life in sharing his first

Maurice Clarett seemingly had it all. Then it was gone. And now, the former Ohio State star is trying to make sure others learn from his mistakes.

Carlos the Jackal to face trial in France over 1974 bombing  The Guardian

Venezuelan-born terrorist, who is already serving multiple life sentences, will face court over an attack on a Paris shop that killed two men. Agence France- ...

Uber CEO encouraging workers to say 'have the D' causing a stir | Ladders  Ladders

When you speak in the unnatural language of spreadsheets and business how-to guides, you may end up saying something that you never intended to mean.

Writer Steve Hamilton?s Second Chance  Wall Street Journal

After an ugly breakup with his publisher, Steve Hamilton is starting *fresh* with a new house and a new series with his latest thriller, 'The Second Life of Nick ...

Karla O'Brien on being trans in tech: Why are we here, and where are we?

Karla O'Brien wondered why she found so many trans people working in tech and asks if this is because of their experience exploring identity in an online world.

Welcome to Afrofuturism 3.0  Slate Magazine

This article is part of Future Tense, a collaboration among Arizona State University, New America, and Slate. Future Tense explores the ways emerging...

Marketing in Second Life doesn?t work? here is why!  GigaOm

Last week, the Hamburg-based research firm Komjuniti published the first extensive survey of Resident attitudes toward real world marketing in Second Life.

Wimbledon-IBM hackathon to develop virtual queues and 2016 innovations

Virtual queuing and improved ticket resale will be the focus of 2016 improvements at SW19.

Work Life Will Virtual Reality Solve Your Conference Call Nightmares?  Fast Company

Some experts think we could all be having meetings in VR in the next 5 years, but there are a lot of hurdles to overcome.

Amiga Computer - The Rise and Fall of Amiga  Popular Mechanics

The rise and fall and potential resurrection of a computing legend.

Linden Lab grabs its second life with creativity games  VentureBeat

Linden Lab is best known as the creator of Second Life, the virtual world that set off a craze for virtual worlds and survived an era of vast overhyping. But under ...

Congress Freaks Out Over Second Life Terrorism  Wired News

Oh no, the virtual terrorists are coming to get us! Well, maybe. Congress, in its infinite wisdom, had an entire hearing about virtual worlds and terrorism, even ...