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Google has huge plans for its home city ? here's a look at the massive development  CNBC

Google just released its plans for a massive development in its home city of Mountain View, California.

Google and Levi?s smart jacket can now remind you to not leave your phone behind  The Verge

Google and Levi's Jacquard smart jacket has introduced a new function designed to stop you from mistakenly leaving your phone behind, as spotted by Android ...

Google Looks To Revolutionize News Delivery With The Assistant  Forbes

Anytime, anywhere, up-to-date, personalized news *service* through the Assistant.

Thinking of gifting an Amazon Echo or Google Home? Read this first  CNET

Consider these key things first before gifting smart home gadgets.

Congress should dig in on Google's China and data issues, not just bias  CNET

As CEO Sundar Pichai goes to Capitol Hill this week, experts say there's more to discuss than just perceived bias against conservatives.

Google, Allegedly: Snitches Get Stitches  Gizmodo

After a year of protests by its own staff against its work with the military, alleged plans to build a censored Chinese search engine, and handling of sexual ...

Google Hearing to Preview Democrats? Strategy on Big Tech  The New York Times

Sundar Pichai, the chief executive of Google, will testify before Congress on Tuesday. Democratic lawmakers are expected to target the industry next year.

Google Store sale is on now through December 24!  Digital Trends

Starting today and continuing through Christmas Eve, Google is putting a slew of stuff in its online emporium on sale, including new Pixel phones and Google ...

22-year-old employee found dead at Google's NYC office  WBRZ

Police say a 22-year-old software engineer was found dead at the company's New York City headquarters.

Google's Android file manager now supports USB drives  Engadget

Files by Google (formerly Files Go) is helpful if you want an official means of managing the files on your Android phone, but there's been an obvious limitation...

Google TVCs: contracts send letter to CEO Sundar Pichai  Vox

Contract workers at Google are asking CEO Sundar Pichai for equal treatment, dignity, and some respect. On Wednesday, a group of workers known as TVCs ...

Best Google and Android stocking stuffers that won?t break the bank  9to5Google

Buying gifts for a 'techy' has always been hard due to pricey gadgets. In our gift guide, we've compiled the best Google & Android stocking stuffers...

Indeed says Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud skills are rising in demand  Business Insider

Interest in cloud skills and positions has increased for employers and job seekers. Here's why it's the next skill to bet your career on.

Review: Google's Pixel Slate Tablet Left Us Searching for More  TIME

Google's latest tablet, the $599-and-up Pixel Slate, is its answer to a future wherein devices pull double-duty. Like Apple's iPad Pro and Microsoft's Surface Pro, ...

Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google political donations graph  Business Insider

More than 90% of the political donations made by Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google staff went to the Democrats, figures dating from 2004 show.

Google is shutting down chat app Allo  CNBC

Google is shutting down chat app Allo by mid-2019 to focus fully on its Messages product.

Google is getting into AI-curated news playlists  The Verge

Soon, you'll be able to listen to an audio news playlist curated by Google Assistant to inform you on topics you care about. Google Assistant has used AI to help ...

Google comes up with this new technology for journalists; check details  The Financial Express

Google is coming out with more innovative ideas to help the news industry use Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Google Hangouts gets biggest feature, Smart Reply  Economic Times

You can either choose and send from the suggested replies or edit the response.

Google Maps Street View: Why has this mysterious house been hidden by Google?  Express

GOOGLE Maps Street View is home to numerous mysteries, from baffling interactions between passersby to strange buildings. One house in the UK on Google ...

A Google director who runs a team of 150 people says she doesn't hire people who act like 'rock stars' but can't back it up ? here are 3 qualities she looks for instead  Business Insider

Lilian Rincon, director of product management for Google Assistant, looks to hire people who are humble, care about the people with whom they work, and focus ...

Google Searches Could Predict Heroin Overdoses  Scientific American

Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the ...

Google to redirect old Search Console reports to new ones Dec. 13  Search Engine Land

As we reported last month, Google is sunsetting some reports within the old Google Search Console. Google announced that many of these reports will redirect ...

Rights groups and tech workers unite to swat down Google's Dragonfly  Fast Company

An engineer who resigned in protest joins Tibetan, Uyghur, and Chinese groups to launch a campaign against Google's proposed China project, just as its CEO ...

The Friendship That Made Google Huge  The New Yorker

Coding together at the same computer, Jeff Dean and Sanjay Ghemawat changed the course of the company?and the Internet, James Somers writes.

Former Google contractor says she was axed after asking for full-time job  CNET

Masheika Allen said in a nearly 1500-word letter that temps, vendors and contractors are ?expendable? at Google.

Google call screening transcriptions start rolling out to Pixel owners  The Verge

Google has started rolling out transcriptions for Android's call screening *service* (via 9to5Google). The Call Screen feature uses Google Assistant to answer the ...

Google is ending Play Service support for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich  The Verge

Pour one out for Android 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich: Google announced today that it's dropping support for Ice Cream Sandwich for future Play *Service* API ...

How to use Google Duplex to make a restaurant reservation  The Verge

You can now command your Pixel phone to make a reservation for you and have Google Assistant do everything in the background. Using Google's Duplex ...

Google welcomes Microsoft?s move to Chromium, but Mozilla doesn?t  The Verge

Microsoft is moving its Edge Windows browser to Google's open source Chromium rendering engine. The move will mean Edge will be far more compatible with ...

Facebook Portal versus Google Home Hub  CNET

Let's see how the Facebook Portal smart display stacks up against Google's Home hub.

Senator slams Google's censored search engine work in China  CNBC

Sen. Warner said tech companies need to do more to support cybersecurity in the U.S. and to fight information warfare from U.S. rivals.

Review: Google Pixel Slate vs. the iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface  Fast Company

With an optional keyboard and pen, this device wants to split the difference between tablet and laptop. But the meshing of Chrome OS and Android needs work.

Google steps up to deal with bias, rolls out gender-specific translations  Economic Times

SAN FRANCISCO: In a bid to reduce gender biases in its translation *service*, Google has started rolling out a feature that provides feminine and masculine ...

Pixel and Pixel XL Pick-Up Google Call Screen Feature  Droid Life

Google's Call Screen feature, the new robo-call troll software that was introduced with the Pixel 3, is now rolling out to the original Pixel and Pixel XL. To recap ...

Apple, Amazon, and Google drop as tech stocks bear the brunt of China  Fast Company

With the arrest of a Huawei executive in Canada, investors fear the fate of a tentative tariff truce.

What we learned when Google deindexed our site for a day  Search Engine Land

Last Friday, Google mistakenly delisted Search Engine Land from its index and search results. That meant none of our pages showed up in Google search ...

San Jose approves Google land deal: Police remove protesters as council closes chambers  San Francisco Chronicle

The San Jose City Council early Wednesday approved a $110 million public land sale of 10 acres to Google, a key step to advance the tech giant's expansion ...

Google's Night Sight photo mode is great?here's how to fake it with your smartphone  Popular Science

The Pixel 3 Night Sight mode understands that you're shooting in a dark setting and doesn't try to unnaturally brighten everything to look washed out.

Google's 'Filter Bubble' Can Manipulate Your Search Results, Study Suggests  Fortune

While Google acknowledges that some of its search results are personalized based on factors like search history and location, a new study suggests otherwise.

Google rolling out more features for responsive search ads, adding 10 languages  Search Engine Land

Google continues to roll out its responsive search ads (RSA) ? the ads that dynamically serve a combination of headlines and descriptions ? and add new ...

Google trainee puts up dummy advert by mistake  BBC News

A Google training exercise that went wrong meant a dummy advert was placed on a "huge number" of webpages and apps, the Financial Times has reported.

Does ?don?t be evil? still apply, Google?  The Washington Post

SOME GOOGLE employees still seem to believe in the slogan their company dropped from the top of its code of conduct this year: Don't be evil. The Intercept ...

Google is flagging legitimate software as malicious  Ghacks Technology News

On November 29, 2018, some software developers started to notice that Google Safe Browsing was flagging their programs and sites as malicious.

Google Santa Tracker games: New features, how to make elves and track Santa this Christmas  Evening Standard

Santa Claus is most certainly coming to town but the countdown to his arrival is no longer confined to those exciting hours of Christmas Eve. Now, the build-up ...

?Google You Owe Us? claimants aren?t giving up on UK Safari workaround suit  TechCrunch

Lawyers behind a UK class-action style compensation litigation against Google for privacy violations have filed an application requesting permission to appeal ...

Google announces Adopt a Startup programme finalists

The eight finalist companies in the Google Adopt a Startup competition have been revealed, following an intense programme.

Google is building digital art galleries you can step into  TechCrunch

Google wants to help you take a closer look at the art world. The company's Arts & Culture app has long been one of the company's cooler niche apps and one ...

Navigation-optimized Google Assistant rolling out in Google Maps for Android  9to5Google

Back at I/O 2018, Google announced that Assistant was coming to Google Maps. Specifically, a visually compact and less disruptive version would appear when ...

Former Google China head Kai-Fu Lee regrets being a workaholic  Quartz

It wasn't so much that Kai-Fu Lee had trouble balancing work and life. It's that work was his life. As an Apple employee in the early 1990s, he almost walked out ...

Google may shut down Hangouts for consumers in 2020  The Verge

The days of Google Hangouts for consumers may be coming to an end in 2020. The change was part of Google's new focus for Hangouts, which will stay safe for ...

These Birders Flock to Google Street View to Spot Birds Around the World  Gizmodo

I noticed something in the distance while clicking along rural U.S. Route 59 in Minnesota, 80 miles southeast of Fargo, North Dakota. Two grainy heads ...

Files by Google adds USB OTG support [APK Download]  Android Police

About a month ago, Google renamed its Files Go file manager to "Files by Google" and refreshed the UI. Today's update isn't as major, though it might be... by ...

250 million devices now support ARCore, Google celebrates with a new update  Android Authority

With ARCore getting closer to its first birthday, Google announced that 250 million devices now support its augmented reality SDK. Supported smartphones ...

Google is one step closer to replacing Android with something even more exciting  BGR

It's no secret that Google is working on a third operating system that might someday replace both Android and Chrome. Called Fuchsia, the new OS would solve ...

Galaxy S10 could include one of the best Pixel 3 features  Express

GALAXY S10 could include one of the Google Pixel 3's best features if new renders of the forthcoming Samsung flagship are to be believed.

How to get the latest Google Chrome Upgrade  Komando

The latest Google Chrome update is here and some of its new features are impressive.

Santa Tracker 2018: Google, NORAD back with games, maps, more

Google and NORAD are back with this year's Santa tracker sites.

Google Assistant will now be nicer if you say ?Please? and ?Thank you?  TechCrunch

Is barking orders at our AI-powered voice assistants turning us into jerks? Are our kids growing accustomed to commanding the Google Homes and Siris of the ...

Google keeps failing to understand tablets  The Verge

Google's Pixel Slate is the latest in a long line of failed tablet products from the Mountain View company. The root cause for this run of embarrassing defeats has ...

Riding in Waymo One, the Google spinoff?s first self-driving taxi service  The Verge

Waymo, the self-driving subsidiary of Alphabet, launched its first commercial autonomous ride-hailing *service* in the Phoenix suburbs on Wednesday ? a ...

Three Waterfront Toronto directors involved with Google wired-community deal fired by Ontario government  National Post

TORONTO ? The chairwoman of a government organization that signed a partnership with a Google-affiliated company to create a smart-city development in ...

These Are Google Play's Top Apps, Books, TV Shows, and Movies For 2018  Fortune

Google Play announced its best Android apps, movies, books, and TV shows for 2018.

What Google?s San Jose project means for downtown  The Mercury News

For the urban studies theorist Richard Florida, Google's San Jose proposal is a chance for a major American city to finally get redevelopment right.

Google employees are so angry about how Google handled plans for a censored Chinese search engine, some are talking about a strike  CNBC

Google employees are raising money for a strike fund in response to new details that security and privacy teams were reportedly shut out of the company's plans ...

Google?s Morse code-powered games aim to serve kids with limited mobility  Digital Trends

Whether you need a more accessible way to access software, or whether you're simply interested in learning Morse code, Google's Morse code functionality on ...

Google plans to keep Fremont office after massive South Lake Union campus is built  Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle)

Despite plans for a new, nearly 1 million-square-foot Seattle campus, Google has reversed course and will keep its Fremont office ? an indication of its growth ...

Hangouts isn?t being hung out to dry in 2020, Google says  Digital Trends

According to a new report, Google may shut down Google Hangouts by 2020. While Hangouts was once Google's top-tier messaging app, the app has since ...

Google Fi (aka Project Fi): The complete FAQ  Computerworld

Google Fi can save you money and provide some pretty appealing perks, but there's a lot to wrap your head around before deciding if the *service* is right for you.

Google Releases Chrome 71, Takes Aim at Deceptive Websites  News18

The latest version of Google's browser was in the works over the past few months and has just left the beta programme.

Google bridges Android and iOS development with Flutter 1.0  Ars Technica

Today Google is launching Flutter 1.0, the first stable release of its open source, cross-platform UI toolkit and SDK. Flutter lets developers share a single code ...

Project Fi is now Google Fi, and it will work with iPhones and most Android devices  The Verge

Google is getting serious about providing cellphone *service* with a new name and new support for a wider range of phones.

Google?s Night Sight is subtly awesome in the daytime, too  The Verge

Testing out Google's Night Sight mode for the Pixel camera in daytime produces surprising results. Sharpness and resolution are improved with the Pixel 3, ...

Fortnite Creator Is Launching a New App Store  TIME

Epic Games Inc., maker of Fortnite, announced a new online store this week that could eventually put pressure on Apple and Google.

Google?s local pack adds ?sold here? label on query match  Search Engine Land

Google has added a new label to the local pack results in both desktop and mobile search. When you search for an item and Google knows the local store has ...

Google settled racism case from contractor 'treated like a terrorist'  The Guardian

New contract offer withdrawn after 'Rashid' complained that undercover project left him vulnerable to profiling.

Google employees: We no longer believe the company places values over profits  CNBC

In an open letter, Google employees are calling on the company to cancel its efforts to create a censored version of its search app for the Chinese market.

Here?s How Spotify Premium Users Can Grab Google Home Mini For Free  Fossbytes

Spotify users here's some news which ought to make you happy! Now you can get a free Google Home Mini smart speaker by following pretty simple steps.

Google accused of GDPR privacy violations by seven countries  The Verge

Consumer groups across seven European countries have filed GDPR complaints against Google's location tracking. The European Consumer Organisation ...

Google's Dangerous Drift Toward Censorship  Investor's Business Daily

Google's mission statement is "organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful." But these days, Google seems more interested in ...

How Google Photos Became a Perfect Jukebox for Our Memories  The New York Times

Google Photos, introduced in 2015, has become one of the most emotionally resonant pieces of technology today. It is also shaping our narratives along the ...

Google?s giant ?kite? can generate wind energy from almost anywhere  Teslarati

A Google X division company named Makani has designed a giant ?kite? that can generate enough wind energy to power about 300 homes. Named the ?M600? ...

Future of Google's San Jose Expansion Faces Next Step  NBC Bay Area

Google may get the green light this week for its proposed 50-acre development in downtown San Jose, but not before opponents of the project are heard.

An exclusive look inside Google's in-house incubator Area 120  Fast Company

Managing director Alex Gawley and entrepreneurial Googlers explain how the two-year-old program helps bright ideas go places.

Google Chrome Is Poised to Swallow the Whole Internet  Popular Mechanics

In 2015, with Internet Explorer a dead browser walking, Microsoft stepped back into the web browser wars with the speedy new Microsoft Edge. Built around a ...

Google announces ?Journalism AI? project  The Hindu

Journalism AI? project will focus on research and training for newsrooms.

Google mistakenly floods internet with dummy ads  Financial Times

A Google worker with a fat finger has committed a classic mistake in fast-moving electronic markets: hitting the wrong key during a training exercise, in the ...

Google News may shut over EU plans to charge tax for links  The Guardian

Google's top news executive has refused to rule out shutting down Google News in EU countries, as the search engine faces a battle with Brussels over plans to ...

Google uploads Pixel ?Sounds? app to Play Store, reveals visualizer & downloadable ringtones  9to5Google

Since launching the Pixel and Pixel XL, Google has released a number of exclusive apps to customize the user experience. The Google Pixel Sounds app...

Google Night Sight review: night vision for the Pixel camera  The Verge

We review Google's Night Sight camera mode for Pixel phones. This is a new AI-powered night mode that revolutionizes low-light mobile photography.

Google Pixel Slate Review: A Bizarre View of Your Computing Future  WIRED

Powered by both Chrome OS and Android, Google's answer to the iPad and Surface promises a computing future where anything is possible. And it sort of ...

Google's new cloud chief has a culture clash ahead of him after 22 years at Oracle  CNBC

Thomas Kurian, who was named the new head of Google's cloud on Friday, is facing an instant culture clash when he starts at the internet company. Google and ...

Why Amazon is a ?bully? and Facebook and Google are ?the enemies of independent thought?  Recode

The Atlantic's Franklin Foer, author of "World Without Mind: The Existential Threat of Big Tech," critiques the tech giants on the latest Recode Decode.

At Waymo, It's Launch Time For Google's Biggest Moonshot  Forbes

As Google's decade-old self-driving car unit gets ready for its commercial launch, its chief, John Krafcik, has been bringing expectations down to Earth.

Stossel: Google and Facebook Cross 'The Creepy Line'  Reason

Tech companies are compiling incredibly detailed dossiers about you.

Google could buy $110 million worth of land, without subsidies, for mega-campus 15 miles south of its headquarters  CNBC

The city of San Jose just released details on its negotiation with Google to buy a swathes of land to build a mega-campus just 15 miles south of its headquarters.

Does Google harm local search rivals? EU antitrust regulators ask  Reuters

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - EU antitrust regulators have asked Google's rivals if the internet search giant unfairly demotes local search competitors, according to a ...

Pay your respects at the Google Cemetery, a home for all of Google's dead products and services  Android Police

Google isn't known for restraint when it comes to creating new products and services (especially ones with features that overlap existing properties), but... by ...

[Update: Phone] Here?s every Google app with a dark mode, and how to enable it [Gallery]  9to5Google

Google dark mode is something users have been wanting for years now, and slowly it's starting to arrive on some apps. Here's every Google app w/ dark mode.

Fearful of bias, Google blocks gender-based pronouns from new AI tool  Reuters

Alphabet Inc's Google in May introduced a slick feature for Gmail that automatically completes sentences for users as they type. Tap out "I love" and Gmail might ...