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This Quantum Computer Can See the Future ? All 16 of Them  Live Science

When Mile Gu boots up his new computer, he can see the future. At least, 16 possible versions of it ? all at the same time. Gu, an assistant professor of physics ...

New funding adds fuel to Waterloo's quantum computing dreams  Financial Post

In total the federal government announced funding for quantum projects totalling $41 million,

World-record quantum computing: Theory group is driving advances in global efforts to build useful machines  Science Daily

A world-record result in reducing errors in semiconductor electron 'spin qubits', a type of building block for quantum computers, has been achieved.

Why HPE Abandoned Quantum Computing Research  The Next Platform

Like all major server-focused tech companies, HPE has been keeping close tabs on where quantum computing might go in the future. And while some of the.

This Startup Just Raised $21 Million To Bring Quantum Computing To Enterprise Applications  Forbes

Zapata Computing, a quantum computing software startup that spun out of Harvard, announced Wednesday that it has raised $21 million in a Series A round.

Museum of Science Exhibits IBM's First Integrated Quantum Computing System  American Inno

It's here: In a first, the world's fully integrated universal quantum computing system is being shown in a museum. The IBM Q System One quantum computer ...

BASF invests in quantum computing startup Zapata  ChemEngOnline

BASF SE (Ludwigshafen, Germany; has announced that BASF Venture Capital is joining a group of prominent investors in the Series A ...

How helium shortages will impact quantum computer research  TechRepublic

As researchers and the medical industry brace for helium shortages this summer, James Sanders explores the impact on quantum computer research.

Whurley, Physics, and the Strange Work of Quantum Computing in Austin  Austin Chronicle

Because it shares a city block on Cesar Chavez with a hookah lounge and a hipster bar, you'd be forgiven for assuming the two-story building with the ...

In the Future, Everyone Might Use Quantum Computers  Singularity Hub

Enthusiasts will be able to play with quantum computers from their homes. This shift will occur much sooner than most people realize.

Microsoft CVP would advise kids to pursue quantum computing career  Business Insider

Todd Holmdahl, corporate vice president of Microsoft Quantum, says he would advise kids to pursue quantum computing as a career. Here's why.

The dawn of quantum computing | About Verizon  Verizon Communications

After decades of pursuing this holy grail of technology, quantum computing is finally on the brink of viability ? and it promises to impact every sector of society.

Improving quantum computers  Phys.Org

For decades, experts have predicted that quantum computers will someday perform difficult tasks, such as simulating complex chemical systems, that can't be ...

To upgrade quantum computers, researchers look to materials science  Chemical & Engineering News

Quantum computers promise to simulate complex chemistry that can't be modeled on conventional computers. But today's quantum computers use error-prone ...

Quantum Computing Expert Explains How Humans Could Control the Whole Galaxy  Inverse

Humanity will use explanatory knowledge to control ever-larger swathes of the universe, with the potential to control the galaxy as our reach expands. Eventually ...

Noisy Quantum Computers Could Be Good for Chemistry Problems  WIRED

Opinion: Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum devices produce errors. And in a field like chemistry, errors could be a feature, not a bug.

Extremely accurate measurements of atom states for quantum computing

A new method allows the quantum state of atomic "qubits"?the basic unit of information in quantum computers?to be measured with twenty times less error ...

Is Your Company Ready For Quantum Computing? CEO Chad Rigetti Asks These 3 Questions  Forbes

Any company looking to get in on the ground floor of quantum computing should ask itself three questions, advises Chad Rigetti, CEO of Rigetti Computing, ...

UofL, IBM create academy to teach AI, IoT, cybersecurity, quantum computing  Insider Louisville

UofL is joining forces with IBM to better be able to equip students with skills for in-demand fields such as cybersecurity and quantum computing.

Coping with Errors in Quantum Computing  Interesting Engineering

Building a practical quantum computer requires detecting and correcting the quantum errors associated with 'Qubits.' With new research in this field, we are now ...

New algorithm optimizes quantum computing problem-solving

Tohoku University researchers have developed an algorithm that enhances the ability of a Canadian-designed quantum computer to more efficiently find the ...

An Optimist?s View of the 4 Challenges to Quantum Computing  IEEE Spectrum

The technical challenges are very difficult, but the promise is too great to quit so early in the quantum computing marathon, writes Intel's Jim Clarke.

Research provides speed boost to quantum computers

A new finding by researchers at the University of Chicago promises to improve the speed and reliability of current and next generation quantum computers by as ...

Department of Energy to Provide $40 Million to Develop Quantum Computing Software

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced a plan to provide $40 million for research aimed at developing new algorithms ...

A new hope of quantum computers for factorizations of RSA with a thousand-fold excess  EurekAlert

There are two types of quantum computers: universal quantum computers and dedicated ones, the state-of-the-art one of which is the commercial quantum ...

What Is a Quantum Computer?  JSTOR Daily

Researchers claim to have turned back time inside a quantum computer. Meanwhile, most of us are still trying to wrap our minds around what that even means.

IBM?s quantum computation technique mitigates noise and improves accuracy  VentureBeat

IBM has developed a technique dubbed "zero-noise extrapolation" that mitigates the noise of quantum computations, thus improving their accuracy.

Quantum Computing and Code-Breaking  Dark Reading

With all the grand speculation and hype tied to quantum computing, the technology seems more like it belongs in the realm of science fiction rather than your ...

Quantum computing will break your encryption in a few years  Network World

Modern public-key encryption is currently good enough to meet enterprise requirements, according to experts. Most cyber attacks target different parts of the ...

Why Qualcomm's Potential Quantum AI Advantage Could Be Huge  eWeek

TREND ANALYSIS: Qualcomm is working on applying quantum field theory to deep-learning AI. This is an enormous potential game changer in several ...

The quest to build a commercial quantum computer  Lab News

Sussex University is setting up a company to build a universal quantum computer in a commercial setting. And it believes it can beat IBM and Google at...

Quantum computing pioneer was a physics dropout  The Australian Financial Review

Michelle Simmons was Australian of the Year for her revolutionary quantum computing work, but admits she was more attracted to English and history when she ...

NC State and IBM Build Hub for Quantum Computing Research  Campus Technology

North Carolina State University is working with IBM to develop the next generation of workers who have experience with quantum computing.

'If we had a quantum computer, it could undermine the security of the internet': Sir Peter Knight, Imperial College  E&T Magazine

Chair of the NPL Quantum Metrology Institute and senior research investigator at Imperial College, Sir Peter Knight discusses the journey quantum is making ...

Researchers May Have Reversed Time on a Quantum Computer  Machine Design

Have simulations given us a sneak peek into the ?impossible??

Quantum computing is coming: Here?s why Seattle needs to get our computer science workforce ready  GeekWire

Madrona Venture Group co-founder Tom Alberg argues why Seattle must make investments to ensure that the region becomes a leading quantum center.

Archer Exploration advances dual quantum computing and graphite technologies  Proactive Investors Australia

Archer Exploration Limited (ASX:AXE) - As part of its advanced materials strategy, the company is progressing a graphite-to-graphene beneficiation strategy.

Researchers Develop Way to Reduce Noise in Quantum Computing Hardware  Machine Design

Getting rid of the noise inherent in quantum computing is a critical step toward making it useful or practical.

Energy Department floats $40M to boost quantum computing research  FedScoop

The Department of Energy announced plans Tuesday to make $40 million in grant funding available to multidisciplinary teams developing advanced algorithms ...

Semiconductor: A new contender for scalable quantum computing  EurekAlert

Recent advances of quantum computing has attracted global attention for its prospective applications in business and industry. Semiconductor quantum devices ...

Hype is too high on quantum computers: Nobel laureate Serge Haroche  CGTN

Quantum computing is being over-hyped, said one of the laureates for 2012 Nobel Prize for Physics, French quantum physicist Serge Haroche. He made the ...

Scientists harness quantum computing to view alternative futures  TechCentral

Scientists have created a Back to the Future device that can predict alternative realities. In the time travel movie, starring Michael J Fox as Marty McFly, the future ...

Silicon Valley millionaires ? Quantum computing 101 ? A $16 billion drug flop  Business Insider

For those of you who missed the first edition of this newsletter last week, I'm going to be sending out a weekly email highlighting some of the best reporting from ...

Cloud computing?s likely leap in 2019  VnExpress International

Cloud computing has appeared and intensified like a storm. We cannot prevent its omnipresence, and society has to learn to adapt to it. - VnExpress ...

VCs are investing in quantum startups, but expect a quantum winter  Business Insider

Investors are hopeful about the promise of quantum computing, but experts expect a "quantum winter." Here's what they mean by that.

Peter Cochrane: Quantum computing - a return to analogue computers?

Quantum computers are neither stable enough nor powerful enough to achieve very much at all at the moment, warns Professor Peter Cochrane - but could one ...

Middle East countries accelerate quantum computing research

Gulf countries must invest in quantum computing research to ensure they continue to to remain digital pioneers.

Feds investing $41 million in quantum and artificial intelligence research in Waterloo Region

In an effort to further strengthen Canada's position in the world of quantum computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, the federal ...

Strangeworks Aims to Bring Quantum Computing to the Masses  Silicon Hills News

Quantum computing is still in its infancy. But in Austin, Strangeworks , founded by William Hurley, aka, Whurley, is spearheading a venture focused on making ...

Boston Tech Watch: Algorand, Owl Labs, Cyber Madness & Zapata  Xconomy

This week a blockchain startup opened its system to the public; a quantum computing company raised big bucks; and Raytheon's cybersecurity business set up.

Quantum computing will break encryption in a few years  Reseller News

Quantum technology's set to make public-key infrastructure obsolete before too long, but it might also keep your data secure.

Artificial atoms created for quantum computing  The Indian Express

In a recent development, scientists have created artificial atoms that generate single photons. The feat may be a big step in efforts to develop all-optical quantum ...

Quantum Computing With QISKit  Hackaday

We all know that quantum computing is coming, but it is hard to know how to get started with it. [Mtreinish] suggests Qiskit ? an Apache Licensed SDK for ...

Scientists use quantum computer to predict the future  The Age

Accurately predicting the weather and even the stock market could be on the cards as scientists use quantum computing to predict the future. Researchers from ...

Explainer: What is quantum machine learning and how can it help us?  Tech Xplore

Artificial intelligence refers, among other things, to machines' capacity to demonstrate some degree of what humans consider "intelligence". This process is ...

Bo Ewald joins quantum computing firm ColdQuanta as CEO  insideHPC

Today quantum computing startup ColdQuanta announced the appointment of Robert ?Bo? Ewald as president and chief executive officer. Ewald is well-known ...

Term Sheet -- Friday, April 19  Fortune

?I have no idea why.? No, that's not what I say when I get an angry email from a company asking why their funding round wasn't in Term Sheet today It's how ...

Closing Quantum Cybersecurity Gap an Imperative: Industry and Government to Warn at Toronto Quantum Summit  Canada NewsWire

SAN FRANCISCO and TORONTO, April 18, 2019 /CNW/ -- More than 100 senior-level participants from government, private industry, universities and ...

Viewpoint: Something Digital This Way Comes  National Defense Magazine

In case it wasn't obvious, the industrial age is over and the digital era has begun. Information technologies now drive almost every interaction and transaction.

How the U.S. Surrendered to China on Scientific Research  The Wall Street Journal

Everywhere you turn in the U.S. these days, there is worried talk of China's rise and the fading of American pre-eminence on the world stage. Secretary of State ...

Africa: Explainer - What Is Quantum Machine Learning and How Can It Help Us?  AllAfrica - Top Africa News

Artificial intelligence refers, among other things, to machines' capacity to demonstrate some degree of what humans consider "intelligence". This process is ...

Coincidence helps with quantum measurements: New method enables quantum simulations on larger systems  Science Daily

Through randomly selected measurements, physicists can determine the quantum entanglement of many-particle systems. With the newly developed method, ...

Researchers Build Quantum Device to Examine All Possible Futures  Interesting Engineering

Researchers from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) and Griffith University in Australia have created a prototype quantum device ...

The Golden Path Toward New Two-Dimensional Semiconductors  Michigan Tech News

Two-dimensional (2D) semiconductors are promising for quantum computing and future electronics. Now, researchers can convert metallic gold into a ...

YouTube CEO's Mom Offers Business Advice  Fortune

Esther Wojcicki, whose daughter Susan Wojcicki runs YouTube, thinks managers need to reward risk taking more.

Triplet superconductivity demonstrated under high pressure  EurekAlert

Researchers in France and Japan have demonstrated a theoretical type of unconventional superconductivity in a uranium-based material, according to a study ...

15 Tech Experts Predict The Next Big Topics In Encryption And Cybersecurity  Forbes

Members of Forbes Technology Council offer their predictions on the next big news items in encryption and cybersecurity.

Clarkson University professor?s research featured on cover of leading chemistry journal  North Country Now

POTSDAM -- Research by Clarkson University Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biomolecular Science Dr. Mario Wriedt is featured on the cover of the ...

Global Blockchain Market in Retail Sector 2019-2023 | Growth of Quantum Computing to Boost Growth | Technavio  Business Wire

The global blockchain market in the retail sector is set to post a CAGR close to 81%, according to the latest market research report by Technavio.

Clare Yu is named a fellow by the American Academy of Arts & Sciences  UCI News

Irvine, Calif., April 17, 2019 ? Clare Yu, professor of physics & astronomy at the University of California, Irvine, has been elected a fellow by the American ...

The Quantum Supremacy | Article  Asia Times

Part four of Spengler's spy thriller which pits China's Ministry of State Security against the CIA in a deadly battle of wits. BySpengler (David P. Goldman).

Explainer: What is a quantum computer?  MIT Technology Review

A quantum computer harnesses some of the almost-mystical phenomena of quantum mechanics to deliver huge leaps forward in processing power. Quantum ...

Op-Ed: USAF Secretary on the Future of Science and Tech in the Air Force  Popular Mechanics

Heather Wilson is the 24th Secretary of the Air Force. On Wednesday, the Air Force released a report detailing its strategy for developing and deploying science ...

Inside the High-Stakes Race to Make Quantum Computers Work  WIRED

Quantum computers could help explain some of the most fundamental mysteries in the universe and upend everything from finance to encryption?if only ...

New method enables quantum simulations on larger systems

Through randomly selected measurements, Austrian physicists can now determine the quantum entanglement of many-particle systems. With the newly ...

How Xi overplayed his hand with America  Quad City Times

In the rebalancing of Sino-American relations that's underway, the usual roles are reversed: China's normally deft President Xi Jinping appears to have badly ...

Why Quantum Computing's Time Is Now  Forbes

Quantum Computing is at a tipping point. Quantum computers exist, and access to them via the cloud is affordable. Quantum education is increasing and new ...

Quantum Computing, Now and in the (Not Too Distant) Future  Singularity Hub

What we can imagine are classical computers tapping into quantum computers for tasks too unwieldy or intractable for them, like molecular simulation.

Is the U.S. Lagging in the Quest for Quantum Computing?  Scientific American

Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the ...

IBM unveils its first commercial quantum computer  TechCrunch

At CES, IBM today announced its first commercial quantum computer for use outside of the lab. The 20-qubit system combines into a single package the ...

What Is Quantum Computing? The Complete WIRED Guide  WIRED

Big things happen when computers get smaller. Or faster. And quantum computing is about chasing perhaps the biggest performance boost in the history of ...

Calculating Quantum Computing's Future  Fortune

IBM, Google, Intel, Microsoft, and Alibaba along with upstarts like Rigetti are racing to dominate quantum computing.

Stop limiting quantum computing to speed  TechCrunch

The classical computing paradigm has always been tied to speed, at least in the popular imagination. Sure, in reality the goals for classical computing have ...

IBM's First Commercial Quantum Computer  Forbes

For the first time, IBM has released a quantum computer that can be used outside the research laboratory.

Physicists Reverse Time for Tiny Particles Inside a Quantum Computer  Live Science

Researchers have reversed the effects of time in a small quantum system.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak answers the daunting question: ?What If We Lose Control of Technology?'  Journal & Courier

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak talked Mung Chiang, Purdue's engineering dean, about artificial intelligence and the future of technology.

The Case Against Quantum Computing  IEEE Spectrum

Quantum computing is all the rage. It seems like hardly a day goes by without some news outlet describing the extraordinary things this technology promises.

Quantum computing, not AI, will define our future  TechCrunch

The word ?quantum? gained currency in the late 20th century as a descriptor signifying something so significant it defied the use of common adjectives.

This Tech Summit Continues to Spearhead Innovation in Haiti  Black Enterprise

The Haiti Tech Summit is back for its third annual conference with the goal of turning Haiti into the world's next major tech innovation hub by 2030.

Quantum computing will change the way the world uses energy  Quartz

Our connected devices are hiding a big secret. They use energy?a lot of it. Every time you use your phone, your computer, or your smart TV to access the ...

IBM Pumps Up The Volume On Its Quantum Computing Effort  The Next Platform

IBM has announced that it has achieved a new high-water mark in ?quantum volume,? a metric the company is using to assess the capability of its quantum.

The Case Against 'The Case Against Quantum Computing'  HPCwire

It's not easy to be a physicist. Richard Feynman (basically the Jimi Hendrix of physicists) once said: ?The first principle is that you must not fool.

Quantum Computing Needs You to Help Solve Its Core Mystery  WIRED

Come get your qubits! The builders of quantum computers want more coders to use their machines and figure out what they're actually good for.

Ignatius: Trump can use China's stumble to US advantage  The Daily Herald

U.S. intelligence agencies are on to the espionage behind its 'Made in China 2025' plan.

Machine learning, meet quantum computing  MIT Technology Review

Back in 1958, in the earliest days of the computing revolution, the US Office of Naval Research organized a press conference to unveil a device invented by a ...

No, scientists didn?t just ?reverse time? with a quantum computer  MIT Technology Review

Amazing headlines about time machines are a long way off the mark, sadly.

You?ll Be Using Quantum Computers Sooner Than You Think  Fortune

Quantum computers are coming, with companies like Microsoft, IBM, Intel, and Google making advances. But there won't be one winner.

There?s now proof that quantum computers can outperform classical machines  TechCrunch

The hype around quantum computing is real. But to fully realize the promise of quantum computing, it'll still take a few years of research and scientific ...

Quantum computing should supercharge this machine-learning technique  MIT Technology Review

Certain machine-learning tasks could be revolutionized by more powerful quantum computers.

A Two-Minute Guide To Quantum Computing  Forbes

Quantum is widely expected to be the next frontier of computing. Here's how it works and when we might see it hit the mainstream.