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  1. ?Magic: The Gathering? enters esports relevance with $10 million prize pool  Digital Trends
  2. With more than 35 million players worldwide, Magic the Gathering is giving back to its community with a brand new game and $10 million in esports prize money  INSIDER
  3. Magic: The Gathering is getting a pro league with $10 million in prizes  The Verge
  4. Wizards of the Coast enters the esports ring with $10M for Magic: The Gathering tournaments  GeekWire
  5. Magic: The Gathering announces Magic esports: new Pro League and Mythic Championships  VentureBeat
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Seahawks fan taunted wrong NFLer about Magic: The Gathering  New York Post

A Seattle Seahawks fan poked fun at the San Francisco 49ers linebacker for the incident Sunday and allegedly got a cup of Gatorade thrown at him in return.

Open Flavor Fridays: Planeswalkers & eSports aren?t your father?s Magic the Gathering  Sounder At Heart

During the offseason we're going to bring back Sounder at Heart's favorite way to bond over non-soccer things. It's Open Flavor Fridays, which sometimes ...

Review: Magic: The Gathering - Concepts & Legends  Bleeding Cool News

Over the course of 25 years, Magic: The Gathering has seen a lot of amazing worlds, powerful creatures, intriguing personalities, and devastating events.

IDW casts a potent spell in our exclusive look at new Magic: The Gathering comic series  SYFY WIRE

The global phenomenon known as Magic: The Gathering has been a spellbinding force in pop culture since the first decks of collector trading cards were ...

Vita Ayala Brings Pyromancer Planeswalker Chandra to Life  The Mary Sue

Magic: The Gathering is returning to comics with "Chandra" #1 by Vita Ayala. We were honored to speak with them about their love of "Magic" and the new ...

Magic: The Gathering launching esports league with $10M prize pool  CNET

The digital version of the physical card game reveals its esports initiative at the Game Awards 2018.

Magic: The Gathering Arena review: Do you believe in magic?  Shacknews

Magic: The Gathering is the legendary trading card game by which most other new games are measured. Ever since it debuted in 1993, it's been "the" go-to ...

My experience with MTG Arena - How to get started  invenglobal

Magic was not a cheap hobby for a kid, but it is definitely a very rich one. Magic always felt like the closest to chess of all of the card games that are popular.

Magic: The Gathering Arena talent is working on a Pokémon game

A Linkedin posting for a principle game designer on an unannounced ?upcoming mobile game? in the Pokémon franchise has us excited about the possibility of ...

Man charged for stealing $10-15,000 worth of Magic The Gathering cards from Eau Claire store  WQOW TV News 18

Eau Claire (WQOW) ? A Minnesota man is charged with a felony, accused of stealing up to $15,000 worth of items from a gaming shop. The criminal complaint ...

Magic The Gathering Ultimate Masters Spoilers (Nov 19)

More cards for Magic: The Gathering's Ultimate Master set have been spoiled. Here are all the cards revealed for November 19.

Teen Night and Magic: the Gathering Tournament | Communtiy  Jackson Hole News&Guide

Participate in a Magic: the Gathering Draft Tournament during Teen Night. Enjoy refreshments and win prizes (like movie passes and gift certificates to Moos Ice ...

Game review: 'Magic: The Gathering Arena,' do you believe in magic?  Bristol Herald Courier

Magic: The Gathering? is the legendary trading card game by which most other new games are measured. Ever since it debuted in 1993, it's been ?the? go-to ...

10,000 'Magic the Gathering' Cards Get Spilled In a House, and Twitter Responds

Imagine getting rid of a whole bunch of cards for a game that you don't play anymore, and getting some sort of universal sign that, well, maybe you shouldn't get ...

VIZ Media Releases The Art of Magic: The Gathering ? Ravnica  That Hashtag Show

Explore The Immense And Surreal Cityscape of Ravnica In The Latest Art Book Celebrating Magic: The Gathering.

Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt Play MAGIC: THE GATHERING  Nerdist

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt joins Geek & Sundry host Erika Ishii to play a game of Magic: The Gathering. Follow them as they dive into his personal.

Magic Arena Getting Overdue Friend Challenges This Week  Screen Rant

Magic: The Gathering Arena is finally getting the ability to play against friends this week after fans have requested it for a period of months.

Students Discuss Card Game, ?Magic: The Gathering?  The Advocate

By: Katie Betz, A game created by a college student is being played by students at MSUM. MSUM student Nick McCallum, a sophomore ...

Now you can directly duel your friends in MAGIC: THE GATHERING ARENA  Comics Beat

At long last, you can challenge your friends to duel!

Keyforge Fixes The Biggest Problem With Magic: The Gathering  Cinema Blend

Reporting on movies, television, video games, and pop culture CINEMABLEND is the go-to source for today's plugged-in generation.

Join Joseph Gordon-Levitt for a MAGIC: THE GATHERING geek out  Comics Beat

You may know Joseph Gordon-Levitt for his work in 500 Days of Summer, Looper, or Inception, but did you know that before he was a superstar actor, ...

eBay's toy catalog includes a $100,000 'Magic: The Gathering' card  Engadget

eBay is following in the footsteps of Amazon (despite an ongoing beef between the two) and attempting to revive the old holiday shopping tradition of the toy ca...

Magic: The Gathering Archives  That Hashtag Show

Explore The Immense And Surreal Cityscape of Ravnica In The Latest Art Book Celebrating Magic: The Gathering The Art of Magic: continue reading · Share.

Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt Completely Geek Out Over MAGIC: THE GATHERING  GeekTyrant

I used to be really into Magic: The Gathering when I was in high school. I played that game all the time with my friends. I haven't played in years, though, mostly ...

Magic: The Gathering Arena Will Unlock Direct Challenge on Thursday  Bleeding Cool News

Wizards of the Coast will finally unlock a piece of gameplay in the Magic: The Gathering Arena beta that people have been asking for since day one. Direct ...

Artists Begin Magic The Gathering Boycott Due To Fewer Perks  Game Revolution

Artists have begun a Magic The Gathering boycott of events following a decline in perks provided to guests, resulting in them losing money to attend.

Game time! NJ game stores bring to life '80s favorite board, card games

Dungeons & Dragons, Dragon Ball and Star Wars. It's not an '80s flashback, rather local game stores that give fans a place to play.

Cloud9 crowned as the best esports organization of 2018  Windows Central

Cloud9 was rewarded this week with two awards at the Video Game Awards 2018, Wizards of the Coast announced a new esports tournament program for ...

The Next Magic The Gathering Artbook Debuts January 1  Pop Geeks

Viz Media's numerous Magic The Gathering artbooks have taken us to Zendikar, Innistrad, Ixalan, Amonkhet, Kaladesh and Dominaria. Now a seventh location ...

Magic: The Gathering Arena Players Will Soon Be Able to Challenge Their Friends

Magic: The Gathering Arena has been in open beta for several weeks. Over the course of OBT, players have been asking for an option to challenge their friends ...

CDC Games holds first-ever Smash Bros. tournament  Brownwood Bulletin

After building a community around board and card games, CDC Games turned its attention to video games with Saturday's release of Super Smash Bros.

You can now challenge your friends in Magic: The Gathering Arena

Anybody who has been playing Magic: The Gathering Arena will know that it has been a rather lonely experience. Before this week you were able to queue up ...

Magic: The Gathering Arena goes multiplayer on Nov. 15  Daily Esports

Magic: The Gathering Arena is serving up multiplayer very soon, and here's everything you need to know about this exciting news!

Magic the Gathering Arena now lets players challenge friends  PowerUp!

Planeswalkers prepare to clash head-on. Players can take part in fierce competition or friendly sparring as Magic the Gathering Arena launches its.

Game over: Summerside gaming location closing at the end of December  The Journal Pioneer

SUMMERSIDE, P.E.I. - A popular gaming den in Summerside's downtown is closing at the end of the month. Game On! has been the place to play and stock up ...

Gaming: Walking Dead sees the finish line; Dragon Age 4 and Ancestors announced, more  SYFY WIRE

It's looking more and more as though the sudden demise of Telltale Games will have a happy ending, at least for fans of the defunct company's Walking Dead ...

Major Link Soccer: New Crew stadium will be downtown  Sounder At Heart

Also: Bruce Arena might be their GM, there's other news, but that's a big bombshell.

Teen Night at the library will be a Magic Gathering  Buckrail

JACKSON HOLE, WYO ? Teens in grades 6-12 are invited to register now through December 6 at the Teton County Library youth desk for a Magic: the ...

Artifact?s monetization structure is making Valve money and some gamers very angry  Washington Post

Pro players respond to early outrage that blitzed the game with more than 1500 negative reviews, mainly over the price of building the perfect deck.

TGA 2018: MTG: Arena announces first esports tournament with $1mil prize  Shacknews

MTG: Arena is putting its money where its mouth is and launching into the wide world of esports in 2019. Get ready to tap that mana for some moola.

The Twenty-Five-Year Journey of Magic: The Gathering  The New Yorker

Neima Jahromi writes about the history of the Dungeons & Dragons?inspired role-playing game Magic: The Gathering, and Ed Steed illustrates scenes from a ...

Fortnite-maker opens PC games store to challenge Steam  BBC News

Fortnite creator Epic Games has opened an online store to sell video games for PCs. The store has been set up to rival the massive online Steam run by ...

Valve's New Game 'Artifact' Is a Perfect Machine for Making Money  Motherboard

Games like 'Artifact' are why the FTC is investigating loot boxes.

Artifact lost over half its player base in a week  Daily Esports

Artifact, the digital card game from Dota 2 creators Valve, is seeing a rough first period. According to the Steam numbers, Artifact dropped with 60,000 players on ...

Watch Kripparrian Play Hearthstone, Artifact And MTG At The Same Time  Twin Galaxies

Legendary Hearthstone streamer Kripparrian played three games all at the same time on stream yesterday with some incredible results. Octavian ?Kripparrian? ...

Choosing A Deck Is One Of The Hardest Parts Of Competitive Magic: The Gathering  Kotaku

I'm trying my luck at a big Magic: The Gathering tournament next weekend, and I'm struck by powerful indecision. Even at this late hour, I'm undecided on what ...

Artifact's Controversial Cards-For-Money System Has Been Good So Far  Kotaku Australia

I've been having a lot of fun playing Valve's new card game, Artifact, since it launched on Wednesday. It is surprisingly easy to learn and is an interesting take ...

25 Years Of Magic: The Gathering, And How It's Changed The Gaming World  WBUR

Twenty-five years ago, the card game Magic: The Gathering hit store shelves. More than 30 million people are still playing in this fantasy battle world.

How Valve's Artifact Could Compete With Hearthstone on Twitch  The Esports Observer

Blizzard Entertainment's Database-Link-e1521645463907 Hearthstone Database-Link-e1521645463907 has long stood alone as the dominating force in the ...

Arena's Open Beta Is A Good Way To Play Magic: The Gathering, But It Has Some Pitfalls  Kotaku

Magic: The Gathering Arena is the venerable card game's new entry into the digital space, and the free-to-play game is finally in open beta on PC after several ...

Magic: The Gathering Arena free-to-play beta opens to all this month  Polygon

Magic: The Gathering Arena, a new digital version of the classic collectible card game, was announced just last year. Now, after a lengthy, private beta of the ...

Magic: The Gathering pro sits out World Championship to protest conditions  Polygon

Last month, a select group of professional-tier Magic: The Gathering players met in Las Vegas, Nevada for the classic collectible card game's World ...

The PC Gamer Holiday Gift Guide  PC Gamer

Greetings, consumer! Welcome to CAPITALISM, where you show love for others in your life by BUYING GOODS. Beyond that, it's the best buying season of the ...

Magic: The Gathering Arena is now in open beta  PC Gamer

After most of a year closed to the public, Magic: The Gathering Arena is in open beta starting today. We've taken several looks at MTG Arena in its closed state, ...

Preview: ?Magic: The Gathering Arena? may finally get game right for video games  East Bay Times

Despite pioneering the trading card game on paper, Wizards of the Coast has had a rough go of it in the digital space. ?Magic: The Gathering Online? hasn't had ...

People are paying close to $100,000 for rare 'Magic: The Gathering' cards that they compare to early bitcoin investments and predict will one day be worth millions  Business Insider

"Magic: The Gathering" is a wizard-themed card game from the '90s that still has a cult following today. One collector, the tech investor and Bleacher Report ...

Adapting A Magic: The Gathering Card Into A Life Size Cosplay Weapon Is Cool  Kotaku

There are quite a few equipment cards in Magic: The Gathering that get players excited, but the ever-scary Bonesplitter has been cleaving through enemies ...

One of Magic: The Gathering?s rarest cards was bought for $87,000  Polygon

The Black Lotus from the original set was sold on eBay this week.

Dungeons & Dragons gets a major crossover with Magic: The Gathering this fall  Polygon

After many free D&D / M:tG crossover sourcebooks, Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica will be the first in print. Wizards of the Coast also announced fan-favorite ...

This Collection of Magic: The Gathering Art Is Outta This Elemental Plane  Gizmodo

Magic: The Gathering is home to a world?or rather worlds?of fantastical characters, especially the Planeswalkers, the legendary figures that venture across the ...

One Of Pop Culture's Most Influential Art Shows Is Back For Its 12th Year  Gizmodo Australia

"Crazy 4 Cult," an annual gallery show that helped put pop culture art on the map, is returning this weekend ? and this time it's bringing along a friend, a second ...

Charlotte family discovers one of the most coveted trading cards in their attic  The Charlotte Observer

A Charlotte family found a collection of ?Magic: The Gathering? game cards, including a rare vintage Black Lotus, in their attic. They sold $18000 worth of cards ...

Magic: The Gathering Once Had A Foul-Mouthed Educational Muppet  Kotaku

Game companies often goof up when it comes to marketing their products in ways that portray them as hip or cool, but Magic: The Gathering's Wuberg, the ...

How 'Magic: The Gathering' thought beyond nostalgia and brought me back to the game  Mashable

This post is part of Mashable's You're Old Week. Break through the haze of nostalgia with us and see what holds up, what disappoints, and what got better with ...

Magic: The Gathering Is An Unfortunate Victim of U.S.-Canada Trade War  Kotaku

The CBC reports that Magic: The Gathering cards are part of the $12.6 billion in goods from the United States that are now subject to a 10% tariff by Canada.

Magic: The Gathering Artists Denied Entry To U.S., Detained Overnight  Kotaku

On Saturday, three Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons artists traveling from Europe to publisher Wizards of the Coast's headquarters in Renton, ...

'Magic: The Gathering' Revisits Ravnica In 2018-2019 Reinvention  Forbes

This will mark the third time that Magic has used Ravnica as a setting, and it owes a lot to its predecessors' popularity.

Magic: The Gathering Arena better than previous digital releases  South China Morning Post

The latest attempt from Witches of the Coast to put its turn-based card game in the digital realm is much more accessible, understandable and exciting than its ...

Magic: The Gathering Arena Finally Adding Direct Challenges  Screen Rant

Magic: The Gathering Arena will finally let players play with friends sometime soon, and is adding Streamer Events featuring Arena personalities.

?Magic: The Gathering ? Arena? faithfully replicates everything about the card game, good and bad  GeekWire

Here's my history with Magic: The Gathering: I played it compulsively about 20 years ago, until I ran into That Guy, who had narrowed the total focus of his life ...

Magic: The Gathering Arena ? A new way to play - Tech News  The Star Online

The trailblazer of trading card games is still trying to create a worthy digital counterpart but it's finally on the right track.

Artifact has lost more than half of its active players in just one week  VPEsports

Valve's digital card game Artifact is not enjoying a good start. Mere one week after its official launch, the game has lost half its active player base, and the ...

GOG employee fired over transphobic tweet now works with a right-wing gaming site (updated)  The Daily Dot

GOG community manager Sean Halliday is now working with Jeremy "TheQuartering" Hambly, a right-wing YouTuber popular with Gamergate.

Magic: The Gathering: A definitive guide to MtG for beginners  The Daily Dot

Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh card games are for noobs and degenerates. True scholars pursue deeper games, like Magic: The Gathering, also known as MtG.

?Magic the Gathering? Is Getting Rid of Sexist Art ? and Some Fans Are Mad  Inverse

For decades, popular trading card game 'Magic the Gathering' has been releasing new cards on a regular basis, and a decent number of those cards feature ...

Rare MAGIC: THE GATHERING Card Sells for $87K  Nerdist

One person's trash is another person's treasure. Never is this truer than in the world of collectibles. From comic books to McDonald's toys, someone out there.

Magic: The Gathering Pro Drops Out of Championship to Protest Game  Screen Rant

Magic: The Gathering professional player Gerry Thompson makes a huge sacrifice, skipping the game's World Championship to protest its current state.

Magic: The Gathering's Pro-Focused Broadcast Experiment Is Paying Off  Kotaku

When broadcasting their Grand Prix or Pro Tour tournaments, Magic: The Gathering's official Twitch channel tends to take the ?sports? angle: they talk the whole ...

Magic: The Gathering Arena open beta is now live on PC  Shacknews

Wizards of the Coast is back at it again, this time with a *fresh* new experience for Magic: The Gathering Fans. The latest PC entry to the series, Magic: The ...

Exclusive: Magic: The Gathering - Rise of the Golgari Swarm  Screen Rant

An exclusive first look at some of the new Golgari-themed cards (and beautiful art) arriving in the Guilds of Ravnica Magic: The Gathering expansion.

Magic: The Gathering Arena Is A Nice Stepping Stone For A Casual Like Me  Kotaku

Magic: The Gathering has been running for as long as I can remember. Even when I was young, going to the games store to pick out new Game Boy games, ...

Somebody dropped more than $87,000 on a Magic: The Gathering card  Mashable

A rare Black Lotus card from Magic: The Gathering recently sold on eBay for more than $87000.

?Magic: The Gathering? returns with a new comic book in celebration of 25th anniversary  GeekWire

Wizards of the Coast and IDW Publishing announced this week that, as part of the ongoing festivities surrounding the 25th anniversary of Magic: The Gathering, ...

Why Magic: The Gathering picked Tencent as its partner in China  VentureBeat

When Western game developers look at China, they see a market that could hit nearly $38 billion this year (as market research firm Newzoo estimates). But they ...

Ultimate Masters' Price Point Alienates Magic: The Gathering Players  The Mary Sue

'Magic: The Gathering' announced its Ultimate Masters set and it led to a lot of backlash from the fan communities.

Meet One of the Familiar Faces Coming Back for Magic: The Gathering's New Expansion  Gizmodo

The next chapter in Magic: The Gathering's swath of game expansions is returning to the steampunk-ian fan-favorite realm of Ravnica, a land of fancy ...

Lifestyles, Bonner County Calendar - Dec. 9, 2018  Bonner County Daily Bee

SUNDAY, Dec. 9. NEW ACTIVITIES. ?Wildlife?: drama,1:30 p.m., Panida Little Theater, 302 N. First Ave. Info.: ?The Nutcracker & the Four Realms?: ...

Original Magic: The Gathering Card Art Sells For $72,000  Kotaku

Heritage Auctions recently sold the original art used for Shahrazad, a card released in 1993 for Magic: The Gathering's Arabian Nights expansion. It sold for a ...

Magic: The Gathering Returns to Novels in 2019 With Greg Weisman's Ravnica :: Games :: News :: Magic: The Gathering :: Paste  Paste Magazine

Magic: The Gathering fans can look forward to the first new major Magic novels since 2010.

3 Reasons Why Magic: The Gathering's Reid Duke Broadcast Experiment Worked  The Esports Observer

For one weekend in September, fans of Magic: the Gathering were treated to a unique streaming experience. Grand Prix Richmond, a Legacy tournament.

Returning to Magic: The Gathering, two decades later  Polygon

Magic: The Gathering turns 25 this year. Rather than fading into obscurity, the original collectible card game is still going strong. But if you haven't been playing it ...

PSA: You can still use the 'PlayRavnica' code in Magic: Arena's open beta for free packs  Destructoid

Magic: Arena has been trucking for some time this year and only in this past month did it enter its open beta phase. Yep, no friend codes needed, you can just ...

It's a pretty good time to get into Magic: The Gathering  Destructoid

"I played Magic in the '90s and am just now getting back into it" is a phrase I've heard a lot as I've flocked back to my local hobby stores to re-embrace the game.

The newest online card game is one of the oldest  PC Gamer

Magic: The Gathering Arena is something I've wanted for a long time. As a guy who primarily plays Hearthstone and grew up on the more plebeian CCGs like ...

Canada?s Retaliatory Tariffs Hitting ?Magic: The Gathering? Players  Variety

As a result of the ongoing trade war between the US and Canada, playing cards are now imposed with a 10% tariff in Canada, according to CBC News.

'Magic: The Gathering' Comic Book Line With New Miniseries  Hollywood Reporter

In time for the property's 25th anniversary, card game Magic: The Gathering is returning to comics with a series launch in November from IDW Publishing.

Amazing Retro 'Magic: The Gathering' Footage  The Mary Sue

Kotaku reported about a recent episode of YouTube show, ?MTG Breakdown,? where Magic: The Gathering commentator Marshall Sutcliffe brought on Pro Tour ...

Interview | Comic book writer Vita Ayala on their upcoming 'Magic: The Gathering' miniseries and playing with a game now 25 years old

As part of that silver anniversary celebration, the series is returning to comics for November's "Magic: The Gathering: Chandra," a story about a pyromancer ...

Magic: The Gathering Arena Attempting to Change Magic Online  The Mary Sue

Magic: The Gathering is currently working on its newest area of online gameplay with Magic: The Gathering Arena?a successor to, but not a replacement for, ...