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Hearthstone loses viewers on Twitch as Magic: The Gathering Arena closes the gap  VentureBeat

Blizzard Entertainment's Hearthstone has been the king of the digital card game market since it launched in 2014. However, it's position as the most-watched ...

Magic: The Gathering kills off major character, creates Signature Spellbook  Polygon

MTG is killing off a major character in War of the Spark: Ravnica, a novel by Greg Weisman. It's also creating a Signature Spellbook, eight cards intended to ...

A Q&A With 'Magic: The Gathering's' Youngest Star, Dana Fischer  Forbes

Dana Fischer has been a rising star and formidable top-level opponent in the 'Magic: The Gathering' community since she was six.

Woman accused of peddling fake Magic: The Gathering cards at Greensburg store  Tribune-Review

Jillian Noel Yohe visited Pop! Culture Connection in Greensburg just before they closed Friday to sell some Magic: The Gathering cards, according to police.

Magic: The Gathering War of the Spark expansion trailer  Polygon

War of the Spark will be MTG's 81st expansion, and the third of its most recent sets to take place in the plane of Ravnica. The new set will be available online, via ...

Magic: The Gathering Arena exclusive card reveal: Finale of Revelation  PC Gamer

War of the Spark is "the most ambitious Magic: The Gathering card set ever," coming to both the physical version of the game and Magic: The Gathering Arena, ...

Magic: The Gathering: Nicol Bolas and More Cards Revealed for War of the Spark  IGN

We've got an exclusive look at Nicol Bolas, Dragon God and two more cards of MTG's War of the Spark set.

Meet Magic: The Gathering's updated character in exclusive first look at War of the Spark  SYFY WIRE

Meet a "new" character from the mythos of Magic: The Gathering's War of the Spark expansion pack.

Magic: The Gathering's Next Expansion Will Radically Alter The Game  Kotaku

Wizards of the Coast is pulling out all the stops for Magic: The Gathering's April 25 expansion, Ravnica: War of the Spark. The latest is a beautifully animated ...

Hero Gideon Heartwarming Redemption MTG War of the...  Dot Esports

Warrior and defender of others, this is Gideon Jura. A hero falls as the war on Ravnica enters its final act with Magic: The Gathering War of the Spark.

Major Character Death Revealed for Magic the Gathering's War of the Spark  The Mary Sue

Nic Kelman, the head of story and entertainment at WotC, revealed that the upcoming 'War of the Spark' story will change the game's multiverse forever.

Magic: The Gathering Selling Pride Items To Support LGBTQ Org  Screen Rant

Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons will be uniting to support a good cause when Wizards of the Coast renews its partnership with Lambert House, ...

Magic: The Gathering Debuts New Card For Arena And Tabletop  GameSpot

Wizards of the Coast is debuting a set of new cards coming to Magic the Gathering, both in its Arena digital version and the classic tabletop game. We have the ...

Every Magic: The Gathering War of the Spark...  Dot Esports

The war is coming to Ravnica one last time as an epic battle for the ages in MTG War of the Spark. The expansion will include a record-breaking 30-plus ...

Get your D&D and MAGIC: THE GATHERING Pride Swag Now  Comics Beat

Get your D&D and MAGIC: THE GATHERING Pride Swag Now - The Beat.

Magic: The Gathering - Nicol Bolas' Grand Scheme  IGN

A trailer detailing the backstory and history behind Magic: The Gathering's War of the Spark set.

$100000 worth of 'Magic: The Gathering' cards stolen from WA gaming cafe  1011now

BOTHELL, WA (Gray News) - Some crafty thief or thieves made about $100,000 of trading cards disappear like magic, authorities said. Burglars took the most ...

Thieves steal $100K worth of ?Magic: the Gathering' cards from board game cafe  WSB Atlanta

Burglars broke into Zulu's Board Game Café early Thursday morning and got away with about $100000 worth of merchandise, according to the owner of the ...

Talking with the Magic: The Gathering Arena crew about the past, present, and the future of Magic  Destructoid

Magic: The Gathering Arena, even in beta form, is ripping through the digital card game market. With newcomers like Artifact fizzling it's poised to really make a ...

MTG War of the Spark Finale of Revelation card draw...  Dot Esports

The final battle on Ravnica is here with the newest expansion to Magic: The Gathering, War of the Spark. Set to release at the end of April, Nicol Bolas attacks ...

Burglars steal $100K in Magic the Gathering cards from Bothell board game café  KIRO Seattle

Burglars broke into Zulu's Board Game Café early Thursday morning got away with about $100000 worth of merchandise, according to the owner of the ...

Magic: The Gathering Arena Weekly Formats: Singleton  Daily Esports

This week, we dive into Magic: The Gathering Arena to discuss and provide tips for the newest of the weekly rotating formats, Singleton.

'Magic: The Gathering' Unveils Full 'War of the Spark' Trailer  HYPEBEAST

During this past weekend's PAX East event, Wizards of the Coast debuted the first-length trailer for War of the Spark, which is also set to be the next expansion of ...

MTG MagicFest heads to Niagara Falls and Yokohama this...  Dot Esports

The second Mythic Championship in London is only a week away as MagicFest hits New York and Tokyo this weekend, showcasing top pro players in the ...

MTG's Mythic Invitational Hits Over 100k Viewers On Twitch  Screen Rant

Magic: The Gathering's Mythic Invitational tournament sets a new Twitch viewership record for Wizards of the Coast's popular trading card game.

'Arena' May Be The Future Of 'Magic' But It Runs From Its History  VICE

Postscript is Cameron Kunzelman's weekly column about endings, apocalypses, deaths, bosses, and all sorts of other finalities. Last weekend we witnessed a ...

Pro Removed From $1 Million Magic Tournament Accused Of Harassing Women  Kotaku

On Wednesday, one of the most prominent players in the Magic: The Gathering scene was unceremoniously dropped from this weekend's first-ever $1 million ...

This Magic: The Gathering War of the Spark trailer shows a storyline years in the making  Destructoid

Magic: The Gathering is hosting a new expansion soon called War of the Spark, and there's a pretty flashy new trailer to accompany it. If you don't follow the ...

Signature Spellbook: Gideon | War of the Spark spoilers reveal  Daily Esports

Gideon Jura gets his own Signature Spellbook with War of the Spark, featuring reprints of popular cards such as Path to Exile and Rest in Peace!

Exclusive Reveal: 'Valor's Reach' from Wizards of the Coast Brings the 'Magic: The Gathering' Universe to Mobile in a Brand New Way  Touch Arcade

Making the granddaddy of all collectible card games into something you play on the go is not a new idea. There are several Magic: The Gathering mobile games ...

Magic The Gathering Arena - Ilharg, the Raze Boar Exclusive Reveal

As MMO and RPG players we have all tried Magic before. Now with Magic The Gathering Arena fans are finally able to meet each other online and play in some ...

Magic: The Gathering Arena Mythic Invitational Champion Crowned At PAX East  Player.One

Andrea "Mengu09" Mengucci has won the first Mythic Invitational for Magic: The Gathering Arena. This is his first major digital win, and he takes home the top ...

Magic: The Gathering Artist Terese Nielsen Responds to Fan Accusations of Bigotry and Facism  Bounding Into Comics

A seasoned and iconic Magic: The Gathering artist has issued a personal response to the fan base after being targeted by fans for her political beliefs. Terese ...

FNM players will get MTG Arena booster pack redemption...  Dot Esports

Magic: The Gathering is growing in sales and players, thanks in part to its digital offering, MTG Arena. Now Wizards of the Coast wants to reward new and ...

Mengu Wins Magic: The Gathering Arena Mythic Invitational  Twin Galaxies

Live from the show floor at PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts, some of the world's best MTG Arena players gathered for a chance to be crowned the Mythic ...

Check out Magic: The Gathering's God-Eternal Bontu, our exclusive card reveal  Destructoid

Magic: The Gathering's War of the Spark expansion is gearing up for release later this month both in physical tabletop and digital Arena form, and we have an ...

Magic: The Gathering Arena Rolls Out Million Dollar Mythic Invitational  TechRaptor

Magic: The Gathering Arena rolls out their Milion Dollar Mythic Invintational this weekend at PAX East. Check out the details and more Arena updates here.

Fan-favorite "Massacre Girl" revealed in War of the Spark spoilers  Daily Esports

The latest War of the Spark spoilers bring us one of the most wanted cards of all time! Massacre Girl has finally joined the Magic: The Gathering roster!

Magic: The Gathering War of the Spark news will ignite on March 31  Daily Esports

Big MTG War of the Spark news coming March 31! We'll be seeing a lot of new cards, new Planeswalkers, and other spoilers all on the Magic Twitch stream!

The Mountain Goats? John Darnielle on Touring as a Parent and the Philosophy of Magic: The Gathering  Consequence of Sound

This Must Be the Gig host Lior Phillips celebrates the podcast's one-year anniversary with The Mountain Goats mastermind John Darnielle. Together, the two ...

Magic: The Gathering To Make Commons Much More Exciting  TheGamer

Magic: The Gathering is rewriting all the rules and warns that you'd better stop sleeping on Commons.

Two Magic: The Gathering - War of the Spark spoilers leaked  Daily Esports

Magic: The Gathering's newest set, War of the Spark, is particularly hot news right now with spoiler season kicking off on March 31. However, it's not a real ...

Players meet at Ipswich boutique for Magic the Gathering  Wicked Local

It's about the cards. Mountains. Lightning. Dragons. Elves. Fairies. Wizards. Fanged vampires and goblins. Sixty of these cards for each of the two players facing ...

Magic: The Gathering's War Of The Spark Already Has An Infinite Combo For EDH  TheGamer

It's still a month before War of the Spark hits stores, but spoiled cards are already busting EDH with infinite combos.

Valor's Reach is a faster-paced Magic: The Gathering experience  DroidGamers

Wizards of the Coast has just announced Valor's Reach, a brand new collectible card game that takes place in the Magic: The Gathering universe.

Police sting nabs woman accused of selling fake trading cards to local business  WPXI Pittsburgh

A local woman is accused of trying to sell a fake collectible trading card worth thousands of dollars to a Greensburg store.

Magic: The Gathering's 2019 Challenger Decks: Which To Buy For Your Play Style  TheGamer

Magic: The Gathering's 2019 Challenger Decks are almost here, and we're going to help you decide which one to get.

Wizards Of The Coast's New LGBTQ Merch Is Its Latest Push For Inclusivity  Forbes

This is the second year that Wizards of the Coast has run a limited fundraiser with Lambert House, but its considerable efforts to encourage a diverse audience ...

MTG Arena Momir basic event...  Dot Esports

Wizards of the Coast is keeping the MTG Arena format healthy and fun with a variety of featured events. Beginning April 19, the Momir event returns to MTG ...

'Magic: The Gathering Arena' Gets New Player Experience Update, $1000000 Tournament At PAX East

Magic: The Gathering Arena is an all-new free-to-play digital card game based off the Magic: The Gathering trading card game.

Kaya joins the Gatewatch in MTG War of the Spark...  Dot Esports

The most unlikely of individuals are stepping up as heroes for the final battle in MTG War of the Spark. Set to release at the end of April on MTG Arena, Kaya the ...

Magic: The Gathering Artist Teresa Nielsen Upbraided By SJWs For Following Conservatives On Twitter  One Angry Gamer

Some Social Justice Warriors have been targeting Magic: The Gathering artist Teresa Nielsen for being a Conservative Mormon who liked some tweets from ...

War of the Spark Planeswalker leak: Gideon Blackblade  Daily Esports

Gideon Jura returns in War of the Spark as a brand new Planeswalker card, Gideon Blackblade, ready to rally Ravnica against the terrifying Nicol Bolas!

The guilds bond together in five new War of the Spark spoilers  Daily Esports

Five cards got spoiled this week for the newest expansion of Magic: The Gathering War of the Spark. See the guilds cooperate in the bond cycle.

Nerd Scene: Checking in on Iron Buffalo  Buffalo Rising

Iron Buffalo, the shop that takes coffee, comic books, and gaming, and blends them together to create one of the most unique businesses in WNY, opened its ...

MTG Arena update coming March 27th: Practice mode, card sleeves, and more!  Daily Esports

A big update for MTG Arena is coming on March 27th, bringing card sleeves, player progression rewards, and a new practice tool!

Magic: The Gathering Designer Confirms Garruk Will Not Be In War Of The Spark - But He Is Still Around  TheGamer

Magic: The Gathering's 81st expansion will be missing a key player, unfortunately. When Ravnica: War of the Spark drops, it won't include Garruk Wildspeaker.

Narset joins blue planeswalkers in MTG War of the Spark...  Dot Esports

The final planeswalker spoilers are dropping in the upcoming War of the Spark expansion for Magic: The Gathering. Containing a record-breaking 36 ...

Toucher & Rich: Who's the bad boy of magic the gathering? (Hour 3)  98.5 The Sports Hub

On this hour: Daniel Wallach from UNH Law discusses the Robert Kraft case. Will the video be coming? Nick and Rich went out to the Pax convention.

The final God-Eternal Oketra takes aim | War of the Spark spoilers  Daily Esports

God-Eternal Oketra takes aim at the Gatewatch in this spoiler for War of the Spark. Nicol Bolas's army of Eternals is complete.

Hinesville Police looking for suspect after gaming store burglarized  WTOC

HINESVILLE, GA (WTOC) - Hinesville Police are asking for information about a burglary that took place over the weekend at a gaming store. Police say the ...

Magic: The Gathering Arena - War of the Spark coming this May  Flickering Myth

Magic: The Gathering fans are in for a treat on 3rd May as Wizards of the Coast unveil the War of the Spark expansion coming to their epic card battle game, ...

War of the Spark Story Recap | ACT II: Ravnica bonds against Bolas  Daily Esports

When last we heard from Ravnica in Magic: The Gathering's War of the Spark Act I story recap, things looked dire. Nicol Bolas had invaded with the Dreadhorde, ...

Magic Arena: Every Free Redeem Code Available  Game Rant

Magic Arena players should be sure to use all of these redemption codes to claim some free packs, sleeves, and premium appearances in the PC version of the ...

Selesnya Huatli's Raptor MTG War of the Spark spoiler...  Dot Esports

The final battle is upon Ravnica in Magic: The Gathering War of the Spark?and the Selesnya guild just got another boost. Set to release at the end of April, ...

Ashiok, Dream Render Planeswalker shakes up MTG War of the Spark...  Dot Esports

Planeswalkers are playing a major role in the newest Magic: The Gathering expansion, War of the Spark. Releasing on MTG Arena at the end of April and in ...

Narset and Gideon instant tricks in MTG War of the Spark...  Dot Esports

Gideon is pulling out all the stops to defeat Bolas in the upcoming MTG War of the Spark expansion. Set to release at the end of April, it contains more ...

War of the Spark Story Recap | ACT I: Bolas vs. Ravnica  Daily Esports

A deep dive into the story and lore of Magic: The Gathering's War of the Spark expansion. Act 1 focuses on Nicol Bolas taking control of Ravnica.

MTG Artist Seb McKinnon launches second limited edition playmats Kickstarter...  Dot Esports

Seb McKinnon is a Magic: The Gathering illustrator legend, having worked with Wizards of the coast since the M13 Core Set. His newest artwork featured on ...

SEEING DOUBLE: Comic book and game store is moving downtown this May  Mankato Free Press

Longtime Mankato comic book and game store Double Play is making a move downtown.

War of the Spark Planeswalker leak: Ugin, the Ineffable  Daily Esports

Ugin returns in a Magic: The Gathering War of the Spark spoiler leak as Ugin, the Unspeakable, a Planeswalker that makes all your colorless spells cheaper!

Bioessence Hydra | War of the Spark spoilers reveal  Daily Esports

One of the newest cards revealed in Magic: The Gathering's War of the Spark spoiler season: Bioessence Hydra. Let's quickly go over the card's details.

War of the Spark Planeswalker spoilers: Sarkhan the Masterless  Daily Esports

Take a look at War of the Spark's latest Planeswalker and his supplemental spell: Sarkhan the Masterless and Sarkhan's Catharsis.

Altered Carbon Gets an RPG, Frankenstein Has an Heir, and More in Tabletop Gaming News  Gizmodo

Welcome back to Gaming Shelf, io9's regular column all about the fantastic world of board games and tabletop roleplaying games?focusing on sci-fi and ...

All free codes for MTG Arena from the Mythic Invitational and more  Daily Esports

With MTG Arena being such a huge hit, Wizards of the Coast has been sharing the love with some giveaways! We have 5 free codes from the Mythic Invitational ...

War of the Spark spoilers: Awakening of Vitu-Ghazi revealed  Daily Esports

A new Magic: The Gathering War of the Spark spoiler is here with Awakening of Vitu-Ghazi. The Selesny Conclave's city tree marches to war!

Kaya takes the Oath of the Gatewatch in War of the Spark spoilers  Daily Esports

The newest spoiler for War of the Spark shows a Planeswalker taking the Oath of the Gatewatch. See Kaya's entry into the Gatewatch in today's newest card.

Magic: Arena is adding new card styles and sleeves into the mix  Destructoid

Now that most of the hard work is done with Magic: Arena (read: every standard card from the paper version is in and works), the team is moving on to quality of ...

Youths to perform with Inland Northwest Musicians | News  East Oregonian

The upcoming performance of the Inland Northwest Orchestra will feature several Young Artists Competition winners, including a Hermiston High School senior.

How to Play Magic The Gathering | Magic the Gathering Rules  Popular Mechanics

In August 1993, Richard Garfield and Wizards of the Coast released the Alpha set of Magic: The Gathering. Eighty expansions and 25 years later, Magic has ...

Tale of a 44-year-old Magic: The Gathering virgin  VentureBeat

Magic: The Gathering is the oldest collectible card game in the world. But our brave shuffler has never played it ... until Arena hit.

Uncovering the Untold Stories and Personal Tragedies of Pro Wrestling  VICE

The co-creator of 'Dark Side of the Ring' sits down with Waypoint Radio to share his love of wrestling and stories about the show's production.

NC woman who started college at 12, earned Ph.D. by 23, reflects on life in the working world  WIS10

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - At the age of 23, young adults are likely graduating college, starting careers, or figuring out what they want to do. Very few ...

Things to Do With Kids in Rockland on April 19  NY Metro Parents

Find free and low-cost things to do with kids in Rockland today, April 19, including fun activities and events the whole family can enjoy. See what's going on ...

ETC: Earth Day-Hooray, 'The Empire Strips Back - A Burlesque Parody'  Akron Beacon Journal

ETC The Akron Roundtable presents Virginia ?Gina? C. Drosos: Noon Thursday at the Quaker Station, 135 S. Broadway, Akron. Virginia ?Gina? C. Drosos, chief ...

New theater and two new stores to come to Quincy Mall property  WGEM

A new movie theater and two new stores will come to the Quincy Mall this spring, according to mall officials.

Gaming is reaching new abilities to peak your amusement  Observer

Sometimes life gets a little too serious. Often, people will use gaming as a hobby that gives you time to let your mind run free in a complex fantasy world. As each ...

Local artist promotes positivity at gallery in Franklinton gaming club  OSU - The Lantern

This past Friday, local illustrator and designer Andrew Thompson became the latest artist featured at the Close Quarters Social Gaming Club, where his ...

The Makers Of Magic: The Gathering Say They're Trying To Make It Less Of A Boys Club  Kotaku

When-23-year-old Jess Estephan made history with her team as the first woman to win a Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix last year, press and the Wizards of the ...

Rooftop dragon roars over Renton  Renton Reporter

New 25-foot iconic sculpture draws crowd downtown.

The Twenty-Five-Year Journey of Magic: The Gathering  The New Yorker

Neima Jahromi writes about the history of the Dungeons & Dragons?inspired role-playing game Magic: The Gathering, and Ed Steed illustrates scenes from a ...

Magic: The Gathering announces Magic esports: new Pro League and Mythic Championships  VentureBeat

Wizards of the Coast announced Magic esports, an expansion and reorganization of the current pro Magic: The Gathering scene, at The Game Awards show.

A Q&A With 'Magic: The Gathering' Mythic Champion Autumn Burchett  Forbes

This year, Autumn Burchett made Magic: The Gathering history. They were the first person to obtain the title of Mythic Champion in the game's most elite division ...

This robot automatically sorts and prices cards from Magic: The Gathering  TechCrunch

If you've ever dabbled in collectible card games ? Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, etc. ? you know how quickly collections can grow. One pack turns into two.

Satoshi?s Treasure: The Chase Is on for a $1 Million Bitcoin Prize  Bitcoin Magazine

A treasure hunt for $1 million worth of bitcoin is officially underway. In a cryptic, rambling message broadcasted to the Blockstream Satellite on April 13, 2019, ...

IDW Proudly Announces TRANSFORMERS #1 Second Printing After Sold-Out Debut Issue

Overwhelming Support from Fans and Retailers Marks Success for IDW Publishing's 2019 Comic Book Relaunch SAN DIEGO, CA (April 18, 2019) ? IDW ...

Magic: The Gathering?s Black Lotus sells for $166,100 at auction  Polygon

The rare Black Lotus, the most sought after Magic: The Gathering card, recently sold on eBay for $166,100. That's more than twice what a similar card sold for in ...

Arena's Open Beta Is A Good Way To Play Magic: The Gathering, But It Has Some Pitfalls  Kotaku

Magic: The Gathering Arena is the venerable card game's new entry into the digital space, and the free-to-play game is finally in open beta on PC after several ...

Hasbro Announces Time Change for First Quarter 2019 Earnings Conference Call and Webcast  Associated Press

Press release *content* from Business Wire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

Magic?s new card breaks one of the basic rules of the classic card game  Polygon

Every great card in Magic: The Gathering succeeds by breaking a fundamental rule of the game. One new card in particular does so in an extremely satisfying ...