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Video: Andri Ragettli Takes his Parkour To A New Level  Teton Gravity Research

Swiss freeskier Andri Ragettli has been blowing minds lately with his super-creative workout routines that look a whole lot more like parkour than training.

Parkour offers freedom to Gaza youth

A group of young men called Parkour Gaza trains everyday on walls and buildings scarred by bullets.

Dow's Matt Davis jumps into advisory role at parkour group  PRWeek

LOS ANGELES: Matt Davis, former president of Dow North America and SVP of global corporate affairs, has joined the World Freerunning Parkour Federation's ...

5 Benefits to participating in Parkour Workouts  My Fantasy Sports Talk

Parkour workout is a holistic exercise that will help you in many ways. The main reason why you should have Take Flight Shoes is to enhance fast movement ...

Flipping fun: Parkour national gathering comes to Whang?rei  New Zealand Herald

Whang?rei has played host to a flying, flipping, adrenalin-filled good time. The Parkour New Zealand National Gathering was held in the city over the weekend.

You can try out parkour combat archery in Calgary this March  Daily Hive

Two of the most extreme activities you could ever try, parkour and combat archery, are combining for one wild event in Calgary this March.

Disha Patani makes parkour look like a piece of cake!  Bollywood Hungama

Disha Patani, just like her alleged beau Tiger Shroff, is a fitness freak and it shows! The actress often posts videos of her workout sessions on her Instagram and ...

Get moving with parkour - Penticton News

Kids and adults alike around the South Okanagan are flipping ? literally ? for parkour, a creative athletic pastime that longtime practitioner Michael Kleyn says ...

Fairview Gymnastics Club visits Rotary  Fairview Post

Rotary Club of Fairview had an educational presentation by Sabrina Fentie, head coach of the Fairview Gymnastics Club. She gave a brief history of the club, ...

I adore Crackdown 3 because it demands nothing of me  PC Gamer

Crackdown 3 is a very stupid videogame, belonging to a tradition of very stupid videogames that I hold close to my heart. Just Cause 4, Saints Row 4, even ...

?American Ninja Warrior? plans its first indoor filming at the Tacoma Dome  Tacoma News Tribune

The popular TV show 'American Ninja Warrior' will tape at the Tacoma Dome this May. Tickets are available to watch competitors make their way through ...

Dubai Airports partners with XDubai for one-of-a-kind stunt  Trade Arabia

Dubai Airports has partnered with action sports brand XDubai to deliver an incredible one-of-a-kind stunt by Emirati athlete and skydiver Mohammed Baker, ...

Parkour Resists 'Hostile Takeover' By International Gymnastics  NPR

An art as much as it is a sport, parkour's urban ethic is one of bold, practiced risk-taking. Now its adherents say it is having to fight against encroachment by ...

Watch this robot do 'parkour'  CNN

Boston Dynamics has released new video showing their Atlas robot's latest moves, including the ability to shift laterally as well as vertically.

Luciana Park is new youth hub  The West Australian

New skatepark and parkour course among potential elements as location of Bunbury Youth Precinct is supported.

What Parkour Classes Teach Older People About Falling  CityLab

The sport isn't just about extreme jumping. It also focuses on balance and agility, which are important for avoiding injury as people age.

?#weareNOTgymnastics?: parkour fights to retain its soul  The Guardian

The International Gymnastics Federation wants to recognise parkour as a new discipline, with a view to Olympic inclusion in 2024. But the parkour community is ...

Eyeing 2024, gymnastics makes moves on free-spirited parkour  Seattle Times

PARIS (AP) ? Their test of skill and courage was as dangerous as it was effective: Having clambered as stylishly as they could to the summit of a jagged, ...

Boston Dynamics' Atlas Robot Shows Off Parkour Skills  IEEE Spectrum

The remarkable evolution of Atlas, Boston Dynamics' most agile robot, continues. In a video posted today, Atlas is seen jumping over a log and leaping up steps ...

Apple?s New Ad Perks Up a Dreary World With Parkour and a Flood of Color  Adweek

For a stretch in the mid-2000s parkour had a reasonably solid heyday in advertising. The most prominent example is the 2006 Nike and Wieden + Kennedy ...

'Parkour 3.0': freestyle skier masters elaborate obstacle course ? video  The Guardian

Freestyle skier Andri Ragettli has successfully completed a complex parkour obstacle course without touching the ground once - after 53 attempts.

Jump, duck and roll: mentorship through parkour  My Ballard

by Max Wasserman. From an outside view, Bryan Riggins' job is about flirting with danger. As a parkour athlete, he's often jumping across buildings, hurling ...

Apex Legends review: The challenger approaches  PC World

It wouldn't be too hard to make the case that Respawn Entertainment's past releases have been victims of circumstances outside their control. Both the original ...

Gymnastics chiefs accused of stealing parkour  BBC Sport

Gymnastics chiefs are accused of stealing parkour after voting to include it under its umbrella of sports and could now face legal action.

Video: Boston Dynamics has a robot that does parkour

Atlas, the two-legged robot, has moved on from more traditional athletics. Read more on

Parkour & Kids: Overcoming obstacles  WITN

Parkour is not only an activity for sports enthusiasts, it's a way to help kids deal with life's ups and downs while also having some fun.

Kids doing parkour

Conquering obstacles by jumping, climbing, and running is what Parkour is all about.

With parkour, the whole world is your playground  Las Cruces Sun-News

The easiest way to describe it is running, jumping and climbing, the three most fundamental ways of moving,? said Adrian Ruiz of Las Cruces.

Watch Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot do parkour and try not to squirm

If previous videos of Atlas made you uneasy, a new clip of the amped-up humanoid robot is unlikely to calm your nerves. It shows that Boston Dynamics' ...

Parkour Athletes Kicked Out of India for Filming Rooftop Stunts  Fstoppers

A group of parkour athletes and filmmakers have been instructed by police to leave India after upsetting local residents by jumping between the rooftops of ...

Meet 360 ALLSTARS breakdancer Bboy Leerok  The Advertiser

World champion breakdancer Bboy Leerok wows audiences around the world as part of the 360 ALLSTARS. Now, hes back in Adelaide ready to bust new ...

Eyeing 2024 Olympics, gymnastics makes moves on free-spirited parkour  Summit Daily News

PARIS ? Their test of skill and courage was as dangerous as it was effective: Having clambered as stylishly as they could to the summit of a jagged, ...

This skier?s parkour training is the greatest game of ?the floor is lava? ever  SB Nation

Freestyle skier Andri Ragettli is already preparing for the 2022 Winter Olympics, and his preparation includes a parkour course like you've never seen before.

Parkour freerunning organizations resist FIG's efforts to 'usurp' the sport  DW (English)

The world gymnastics federation FIG wants to add the growing parkour discipline to its remit, in time for Olympic inclusion in 2024. Yet parkour groups are ...

A robot that can touch, eat and sleep? The reality of cyborgs like Alita: Battle Angel  The Conversation AU

We have robots that can walk and run but still a long way to go before the technology matches the cybernetic skills in the new science fiction film Alita: Battle ...

'Marvel's Spider-Man' PS4 Concept Art Reveals the Many Looks of Mister Negative

Marvel's Spider-Man is an incredible adventure for fans of the webbed hero and PlayStation 4 players have been having a field day with the amazing narrative, ...

Parkour May Be a Lot of Things, But It Is NOT Gymnastics, Says Parkour  Jezebel

Parkour may show up at the Olympics in 2024, but not if the sport's most ardent defenders have anything to say about it. The push to bring the ...

Robots can do parkour now. This is fine.  SB Nation

Robots can do this now. This is great. We have to keep documenting advancements in robotics. I need future generations to know that we saw this coming.

Parkour stars flip their way through Urban Park  Olympics

With curious children watching, Fernandez executes a back flip, a side somersault and some jumps over boxes as he makes his way through the area at Urban ...

LOOK: James Reid learns parkour for 'Pedro Penduko' movie  ABS-CBN News

Reid looked determined as he jumped over an obstacle in a photo shared on Facebook Friday as part of his training.

Mumbai Police deports international parkour group  India Today

Six members of an internationally renowned parkour group were deported out of India by Mumbai Police on Wednesday (November 28). The group was ...

Parkour group was not deported but was granted residential permission: Storror statement  India Today

The international parkour which made headlines in Mumbai have released a statement saying the group was detained without Mumbai Police arresting the ...

Exploring parkour in leaps and bounds  Otago Daily Times

Five Otago Daily Times reporters have gritted their teeth and gone way beyond their comfort zone to bring back stories of fear and mortification. Today ...

Egyptian women challenge social norms by practicing Parkour  Reuters

CAIRO (Reuters) - A group of Egyptian women gather at an abandoned park in a Cairo suburb once a week, climbing walls and jumping around in the strenuous ...

Parkour Meet Sara Mudallal: A Parkour Athlete A second degree black belt in Karate. The first  Red Bull

A second degree black belt in Karate. The first female Hijabi to compete on American Ninja Warrior TV Show. Sara Mudallal is a 22-year-old parkour athlete.

Parkour the baby goat spends her days sheep-jumping  New York Post

The two-month-old Nubian goat spends her afternoons climbing on the backs of her farm's sheep and daringly hopping from one farm-mate to another.

Egyptian Women Hope to Form Country?s First Parkour Team  Voice of America

The sport of parkour started in France in the 1980s. Its name comes from the French word 'parcours' (course or route). It involves moving through a city setting as ...

Man burned while performing 'Parkour' dies at the hospital  WPBF West Palm Beach

Man burned while performing ?Parkour? dies at the hospital.

'Parkour' problem reaches new heights in Franklin, according to police  Concord Monitor

Leaping between rooftops is the latest trend in New Hampshire's smallest city. Police say a group of young adults have been using the roofs of Franklin ...

Community Sports: Inaugural Malaysia jam draws hundreds of parkour enthusiasts  The Star Online

THE Parkour Association of Malaysia, together with IQI Global, hosted its first annual jam since its establishment under the Sports Commission at the Mont Kiara ...

Parkour program prospers  Yukon News

The Polarettes parkour program has close to 100 participants in just its second year.

Parkour takeover attempt 'absolutely ludicrous'  Radio New Zealand

The chief executive of Parkour New Zealand says gymnastics attempts to take over their sport are "absolutely ludicrous".

BBC World Service - The Conversation, Parkour Women: The City is My Playground  BBC News

Two female parkour athletes who perform urban acrobatics.

Parkour enthusiast catches fire attempting jump  WPBF West Palm Beach

Police said a man suffered serious burns when he came in contact with a live power line in West Palm Beach. Advertisement. Police said friends of the man told ...

Woman speaks out about parkour after brother electrocuted in West Palm Beach  WPEC

A fitness trend among many young people turned deadly.Parkour is a training discipline where a person runs, jumps and climbs obstacles, typically buildings.

Freerunning and parkour gym now open in Southlake  Community Impact Newspaper

Tempest Freerunning Academy held a grand opening Dec. 2 for its first Texas location at 280 Commerce St., Ste. 100, Southlake. The gym offers freerunning ...

Mumbai: Six members of UK parkour group deported for performing dangerous stunts on rooftops

The police said that the six men had violated visa rules by endangering their lives as well as those of other citizens.

Panther Parkour flips, rolls its way around campus  University of Pittsburgh The Pitt News

Members of Panther Parkour learn how to to roll, precision jump and run up walls as part of Pitt's non-competitive parkour club.

Creators Going Pro: Parkour Team STORROR Has Built Up A YouTube Business To Dizzying Heights, Aims Higher With New Venture  Tubefilter

Welcome to Creators Going Pro, where in partnership with Semaphore ? a creator-focused family of companies providing business and financial services to ...

Newcastle parkour skills on display at The Station  Newcastle Herald

The urban subculture of parkour is said to exist somewhere between martial arts and sport. For most people, it's an activity that probably brings to mind images of ...

Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot shows off its parkour moves  CNBC

Boston Dynamics released a new video showing off its humanoid robot's new moves. Atlas is now capable of freestyle running and can fluidly leap over ...

The Boston Dynamics Robot Atlas Is Now a Parkour Master  Futurism

In a newly released video, you can watch Boston Dynamics's humanoid robot Atlas parkour its way across a makeshift obstacle course.

Watch: UK parkour group alarms residents with jump stunts  Mumbai Mirror

Seven London-based parkour athletes may get into trouble with the Mumbai Police for allegedly performing dangerous stunts on rooftops of two residential ...

FIG Congress votes for official inclusion of parkour events

The International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) Congress has voted in favour of including parkour as an official new discipline.

Egyptian women take to Parkour to challenge social norms  New York Post

Once a week, a group of Egyptian women gathers at an abandoned park in a Cairo, to practice Parkour, while also challenging the country's conservative social ...

Pamplin Media Group - Parkour! Parkour! The Movement Park heads to Hillsboro  Pamplin Media Group

When Hillsboro-resident Molly Courtney opened up her own gym last month, she was sure she could design a gym that catered to everyone, from toddlers to ...

Freestyle skier nails nearly impossible DIY indoor parkour course  Mashable

Andri Ragettli is a freestyle skier known for his incredible skills on the slopes and his nearly-impossible parkour obstacle courses when he's indoors. Next Up ...

Parkour group raises concerns in Franklin  WMUR Manchester

A popular acrobatic trend among teens and young adults has police in one New Hampshire city stepping up patrols.

PICS| Women in Egypt Challenge Social Norms with Parkour  News18

Egyptian women from Parkour Egypt "PKE" attend their training practice of parkour skills in Cairo, Egypt. These women climb walls and do the jumping around in ...

FIG members at Baku Congress lobbied by worldwide parkour communities to vote no to incorporation in gymnastics

Numerous members of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) who have gathered in the Azerbaijan capital of Baku for the sport's Congress tomorro...

Parkour! Sporty Wolf Climbs Trees and Runs Like Crazy  Sputnik International

Everybody knows that the only way to escape a pack of aggressive wolves in the forest is to climb up a high tree. Angry predators can wait below, but they can't ...

Southlake freerunning and parkour gym to officially open in December  Community Impact Newspaper

Tempest Freerunning Academy will host a grand opening Dec. 2 at 280 Commerce St., Ste. 100, Southlake. The academy provides freerunning and parkour ...

Parkour classes proving popular in Crystal Falls

Kids in Crystal Falls are learning a different type of skill with new classes that just started in the area. From crawling upside down to climbing the walls, they are ...

Parkour offers woman coping mechanism for anxiety  Waikato Times

When Michelle Kan gets anxious and depressed about the week ahead, her parkour skills kick in.

Liam Morgan: International Gymnastics Federation guilty of stealing ownership of parkour to appease the IOC

Governing bodies in the Olympic Movement have made a habit of going back on their word by saying one thing and doing the other. The International ...

Photo: Parkour at Pioneer Park  Billings Gazette

Sebastian Wald of Billings performs parkour while his friend, Brennen Sunderbud, watches at Pioneer Park on Friday, June 29, 2018.

Parkour Earth criticise IOC for failing to intervene in dispute with FIG

Parkour Earth chief executive Eugene Minogue has accused the International Olympic Committee (IOC) of "standing idly by" while the International Gymna...

LIFE STORIES: Video game inspires parkour coach's journey  Herald-Whig

QUINCY -- David Boden-Shackleton has built a life around vaulting over obstacles and clearing large gaps in a way that would steal the breath from most people ...

Boston Dynamics Robots Learned Run, Jump, and Parkour Thanks to Its Vision  Inverse

Boston Dynamics' SpotMini robot dog and its humanoid bot Atlas came a long way in 2018. SpotMini can perfectly walk up a flight of stair and dynamically react ...

?Fortnite? Creative Map Codes: Best Nuketown, Parkour & Hide & Seek in Early 2019  Newsweek

Fortnite Creative can be a bit intimidating for those without an imaginative mind, but the community is steadily growing thanks to the advent of totally *fresh* maps ...

FIG venture into parkour in disarray as Commission members quit in protest at handling of implementation

The International Gymnastics Federation's (FIG) foray into parkour has been plunged into crisis after more than half of its Commission dedicated to ov...

First Look: Tempest Freerunning Academy brings freerunning and parkour to North Texas  Community Impact Newspaper

Dec 17, 2018: With origins traced to Europe, the sports of freerunning and parkour attracted attention in the U.S. around 2008, ushered by the internet, ...

Get Inspired: How to get into parkour  BBC Sport

Run around, jump and climb on things - try parkour - an adventure sport which can be done anywhere.

Florida man shocked while attempting parkour on power pole  ABC Action News

A man was shocked by more than 7000 volts of electricity after he scaled a building and attempted to walk on a Florida Power and Light power pole.

Parkour athletes worldwide gather in Singapore for Asian Parkour Championships  The Straits Times

SINGAPORE - A small group of young boys began doing parkour - running, vaulting and climbing over urban obstacles - in Singapore in 2004. The extreme ...

Parkour: more than jumps and flips  Cranbrook Townsman

Parkour has been becoming a fast favourite with kids due to its popularity on the internet.

Russian boy falls to death amid rooftop parkour in Turkey's capital  Hurriyet Daily News

A 17-year-old Russian citizen has fallen to his death amid his attempt to jump from one rooftop to another as part of a parkour show in Turkey's capital Ankara.

Ridgecrest parkour athletes shine in Murrieta  Ridgecrest Daily Independent

January kicks off the 2019 West Coast Parkour Championship competition season in Southern California, with the first competition held at Freedom in Motion in ...

Meet Egypt's Parkour Girls: Jumping Beyond Societal Hurdles  Egyptian Streets

Mariam Emad from Parkour Egypt "PKE" practices her parkour skills around buildings on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt. Photo credits: REUTERS/Amr Abdallah ...

Parkour and cheerleading on offer at new Hebburn community sports centre  Chronicle Live

An industrial unit in South Tyneside could soon be training Olympic champions of the future after being converted into a new community sports centre.

Parkour competition takes over Orchard Park in Orem  Daily Herald

While toddlers splashed in the water nearby, athletes tackled ramps, boxes, vaults and a quasi-jungle gym at the first-ever Orchard Park Parkour Jam and ...

New Hampshire Police Crack Down on Aspiring Parkour Athletes  NECN

Police in New Hampshire are cracking down on a group of people who they say are practicing parkour on city buildings.

This parkour stuntman didn't get the 'Bird Box Challenge' memo (VIDEO)  Daily Hive

A parkour stuntman didn't seem to get Netflix's memo about not doing the "Bird Box Challenge" in a video of himself balancing around Montreal.

'Dying Light 2' Is Doubling Down On Parkour

One of the best things about Techland's Dying Light was moving through its post-apocalyptic world with a robust and fluid parkour and movement system.

Penalty flops and flips, Grand Final memories and Parkour 3.0  The Guardian

This week's roundup also features a 350-pound running back, paragliding with a twist and another terrible tackle.

WATCH VIDEO: 6 UK nationals warned over parkour stunts in Mumbai; post mocking videos after leaving India  Times Now

Dangerous jump stunts performed by UK-based parkour athletes STORROR went viral on social media during November. Mumbai police had warned group for ...

I Had a Serious Fear of Falling, So I Tried Parkour  Self

I've always had a fear of falling. When I was a kid, I'd step on each stair with both feet before moving onto the next step until some embarrassingly late age in my ...

Man shocked while attempting parkour in downtown West Palm Beach

A man was shocked by more than 7000 volts of electricity after he scaled a building and attempted to walk on a Florida Power and Light power pole.

Monkey walks, anyone? Parkour?s popularity grows in Stamford  The Advocate

STAMFORD ? What do you do for a child who's favorite pasttimes are climbing bookshelves and jumping off the top bunk of their beds? Teach them to harness ...

Enter the thrilling and daring world of parkour  The National

Free-running is moving beyond the realms of sport into mass media and politics.