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Peter Parkour? New CNY gym can help you conquer ADHD like a superhero (video)

Cicero, N.Y.?Looking to channel your inner Spider-Man? See a jungle gym where others see a park art installment? Then you might be a parkour athlete, but ...

Hula-hoops, parkour and more at EQT Children's Theater Festival  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The EQT Children's Theater Festival, which will run from Thursday to Sunday, typically draws about 25000 people to Downtown over four days.

This parkour Instagram account is oddly hilarious  American Ninja Warrior Nation

We needed a good chuckle to relieve some stress today and this over-the-top parkour account popped up at exactly the right moment. We came across ...

Girls Enter the Boys? World of Flipping  The New York Times

Teen girls are claiming their place inside an emerging online community of extreme athletes who flip, freerun and defy expectations.

Video: Quick-thinking FHP trooper dodges car parkour-style, avoiding c  News965

Boynton Beach, Fla - The Florida Highway Patrol has released dashcam video of a car striking a trooper in Boynton Beach Monday evening. Trooper Jeremy ...

Former British Sports Minister Crouch appointed to key role at Parkour UK

Former British Sports Minister Tracey Crouch has been appointed senior independent director of Parkour UK.

Parkour athlete breaks world record in Changsha event  Chinadaily USA

Zhang Yunpeng, a parkour athlete from Datong, North China's Shanxi province, renewed the national record he has maintained since 2012 and broke a world ...

Four medals for Nelson?s parkour athletes  Nelson Star

Red Path Movement competed at the West Coast Parkour Championship qualifiers.

Chelsea Piers Connecticut Announces Upcoming Ninja Parkour Training Center  HamletHub

Chelsea Piers Connecticut announces the transformation of the 3000 sq. ft. infield turf into a high-level adult and youth Ninja + Parkour Training Center.

Harmat claims speed run victory at FIG Parkour World Cup

Switzerland's Christian Harmat claimed victory in the men's speed run event at the International Gymnastics Federation Parkour World Cup, held as part...

?Fortnite? Creative 6 Best Map Codes: Troll Deathrun, 1v1 & 200 Deathrun for April 2019  Newsweek

Fortnite Creative continues to offer great *content* far outside the realm of Battle Royale, and we're here to showcase the best new Island Codes that made waves ...

Watch: Edinburgh parkour video helps first youth tourism push reach 5m  HeraldScotland

A DIGITAL campaign profiling Edinburgh as a top youth tourism destination has reached almost five million people across the world.

Kyrsanidis and Izumi claim FIG Parkour World Cup triumphs at FISE World Series

Greek veteran Dimitris Kyrsanidis and Hikari Izumi of Japan claimed International Gymnastics Federation Parkour World Cup victories as the latest Inte...

John Wick 3: The dog really climbed the wall.  Slate

SPOILERS? SPOILERS! John Wick: Chapter 3 ? Parabellum is shooting its way into theaters near you this weekend, and dogs everywhere are going to be ...

Best Overwatch Workshop codes: Our favorite new ways to play on the PTR so far  GamesRadar

Some of the best Overwatch Workshop custom modes to play with Overwatch Workshop codes.

Parkour equipment at the Strand covered in graffiti of penises  Kent Online

A petition calling for CCTV and lights has been set up after a parkour park was graffitied.

Review: Fantastical ?John Wick 3? triple-dog-dares you to have a good time  San Francisco Chronicle

The third ?John Wick? is here, and at this point the movie's universe feels?

Watch Dogs 3 To Be Revealed Before E3, Releasing In November ? Rumour  GamingBolt

Watch Dogs 3 has been one of the most in-demand Ubisoft sequels for a while now (though nothing compared to a new Splinter Cell, of course), and it's been in ...

Who Is Mike On 'The Bachelorette'? He Loves A Good Adventure As Long As It Doesn't Involve Skydiving  Romper

Hannah has 30 guys to contend with on her season of The Bachelorette, and I think we're all having trouble remembering everyone's names. However one guy ...

Warframe?s Jovian Concord launches next week, alongside Wisp  PCGamesN

We've got a (vague) release date for both the Jovian Concord and Wisp.

Are These Robots Better Than You at Sports?  Singularity Hub

The list of robots in sports is surprisingly long and diverse. There are robot skiers, tumblers, soccer players, sumos, and even robot game jockeys.

The Office: 10 Best Opening Scenes Ranked | ScreenRant  Screen Rant

One of the best reoccurring things about the American version of The Office is the cold open at the beginning of almost every episode. They're strange, hilarious, ...

Ninja Warrior UK contestant breaks incredible record

Ninja Warrior UK's Beth Lodge competed in tonight's second round of semi-finals, where she became the first ever female to make the Eliminator round.

Dying Light 2 Developers Recommend Multiple Playthroughs To Uncover Everything  SegmentNext

Dying Light 2 developers confirm that players would need to go through the game multiple times before they can uncover everything.

How the daredevil sport of parkour can help aging adults fall better  CNN

As unusual as it is to see someone over 40 doing the extreme sport of parkour, it is a discipline that could help reduce your fall risk as you age.

Parkour Resists 'Hostile Takeover' By International Gymnastics  NPR

An art as much as it is a sport, parkour's urban ethic is one of bold, practiced risk-taking. Now its adherents say it is having to fight against encroachment by ...

What Parkour Classes Teach Older People About Falling  CityLab

The sport isn't just about extreme jumping. It also focuses on balance and agility, which are important for avoiding injury as people age.

Watch this robot do 'parkour'  CNN

Boston Dynamics has released new video showing their Atlas robot's latest moves, including the ability to shift laterally as well as vertically.

The science of parkour, the sport that seems reckless but takes poise and skill  The Conversation AU

Run, leap,'s parkour! Science can help you run up walls more efficiently, and chose the best way to land from a height.

Rage 2 review: Avalanche?s best game is also one of the best-feeling shooters ever  VG247

Whether it's the lush jungles and crystal oceans of the tropics or the parched deserts of the wasteland, Avalanche always excels at building worlds. The Swedish ...

As ?Game of Thrones? Comes To An End, Maisie Williams Launches Creator Collaboration App Daisie  Tubefilter

These past few years, Maisie Williams has spent a lot of her time slaying on Game of Thrones ? but now she's launched an app to help creators slay in real life.

From Parkour to Surgery, Here Are the Top 10 Recent Advancements in Robotics  Singularity Hub

Robotics doesn't only borrow from biology?sometimes it gives back to it, too. A new flapping-winged robot that mimics the fruit fly has done just that.

Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot shows upgraded agility in 'Parkour' video  Engadget

Just two years ago Boston Dynamics proudly showed off a new generation of its Atlas robot that could take an untethered stroll through the woods, before ...

On the Go with Joe at Forge Parkour

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) ? Spring break is happening next week for most Oregon students and if any parents are still trying to figure out how their kids are going ...

Boy, 11, to undergo surgery after attempting parkour stunt  WJXT News4JAX

A Clay County 11-year-old boy is recovering after breaking his arm doing an activity that has become increasingly popular on YouTube. It's called parkour.

?#weareNOTgymnastics?: parkour fights to retain its soul  The Guardian

The International Gymnastics Federation wants to recognise parkour as a new discipline, with a view to Olympic inclusion in 2024. But the parkour community is ...

Gymnastics eyes parkour as sport in 2024 Olympic Games  WCJB

The sport is talked about as a possible new Olympic discipline but is also the focus of a heated custody battle as its popularity and marketing potential grow.

Who Is Mike Johnson on Hannah Brown's 'The Bachelorette' Season?

Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette has already included a box king, a fence jump, and one guy who got sent home pretty much immediately (RIP ...

Video: Parkour and Urban Freeride Through London and Paris  Teton Gravity Research

Would you rather watch a world-class urban freerider cruise around London and Paris, or would you prefer world-class freerunners?

Jump, duck and roll: mentorship through parkour  My Ballard

by Max Wasserman. From an outside view, Bryan Riggins' job is about flirting with danger. As a parkour athlete, he's often jumping across buildings, hurling ...

Boston Dynamics 'parkour' robot took more than 20 attempts to nail it  Mashable

In a new video, the humanoid Atlas is seen doing 'parkour' ? but the seamless execution took time to nail.

Eyeing 2024 Olympics, gymnastics makes moves on free-spirited parkour  Summit Daily News

PARIS ? Their test of skill and courage was as dangerous as it was effective: Having clambered as stylishly as they could to the summit of a jagged, ...

New Pacific Highlands Ranch park includes San Diego's first public parkour space, bike pump track  10News

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) ? City leaders welcomed a new North County park Wednesday, highlighted by a specially created area for the playground's most ...

Parkour is Coming to Alexandria  The Zebra

John Ewald Park, located on the corner of Duke and S. Jordan Street in Alexandria, has seen better days. While its basketball court and soccer field get plenty of ...  The Westminster Window

On the stage at Cherry Hills Community Church, a robot stood in honor of Kendrick Castillo, who was killed in the STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting.

Nairobi parkour runner on why it should be in the Olympics  BBC News

Michael has been doing flips since seeing parkour videos on YouTube.

Boston Dynamics hands Atlas a parkour repertoire  Tech Xplore

Oh, please. We are still coping with the view of Atlas taking a leisurely run through the neighborhood like a boss planner out for his cardio workout before taking ...

Video: Andri Ragettli Takes his Parkour To A New Level  Teton Gravity Research

Swiss freeskier Andri Ragettli has been blowing minds lately with his super-creative workout routines that look a whole lot more like parkour than training.

Apple?s New Ad Perks Up a Dreary World With Parkour and a Flood of Color  Adweek

For a stretch in the mid-2000s parkour had a reasonably solid heyday in advertising. The most prominent example is the 2006 Nike and Wieden + Kennedy ...

Front Page Slider, YMCA offers new Parkour class for children  Beloit Daily News

BELOIT - There won't be any jumping between buildings, but kids at the YMCA's new Parkour class are bouncing o.

Pamplin Media Group - Parkour! Parkour! The Movement Park heads to Hillsboro  Pamplin Media Group

When Hillsboro-resident Molly Courtney opened up her own gym last month, she was sure she could design a gym that catered to everyone, from toddlers to ...

Parkour & Kids: Overcoming obstacles  WITN

Parkour is not only an activity for sports enthusiasts, it's a way to help kids deal with life's ups and downs while also having some fun.

Parkour offers freedom to Gaza youth

A group of young men called Parkour Gaza trains everyday on walls and buildings scarred by bullets.

Parkour's leading lady Silke Sollfrank on quitting gymnastics  BBC News

Silke Sollfrank is a professional athlete from Germany who turned her back on gymnastics and Olympic aspirations and found parkour and *fresh* inspiration.

Freestyle skier nails nearly impossible DIY indoor parkour course  Mashable

Andri Ragettli is a freestyle skier known for his incredible skills on the slopes and his nearly-impossible parkour obstacle courses when he's indoors. Next Up ...

Parkour Athletes Kicked Out of India for Filming Rooftop Stunts  Fstoppers

A group of parkour athletes and filmmakers have been instructed by police to leave India after upsetting local residents by jumping between the rooftops of ...

Parkour freerunning organizations resist FIG's efforts to 'usurp' the sport  DW (English)

The world gymnastics federation FIG wants to add the growing parkour discipline to its remit, in time for Olympic inclusion in 2024. Yet parkour groups are ...

Mountain Biking Meets Parkour in Epic Urban Freeride Video  GearJunkie

Fabio Wibmer and a band of pro parkour athletes jump across rooftops and drop massive stairs in London and Paris for this awesome urban montage.

Parkour May Be a Lot of Things, But It Is NOT Gymnastics, Says Parkour  Jezebel

Parkour may show up at the Olympics in 2024, but not if the sport's most ardent defenders have anything to say about it. The push to bring the ...


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Where's Shane? Kinetic Impulse Parkour  KWCH

We're going to brush up our parkour skills this morning and learn a little more about their Ninja Night event!

First Look: Tempest Freerunning Academy brings freerunning and parkour to North Texas  Community Impact Newspaper

Dec 17, 2018: With origins traced to Europe, the sports of freerunning and parkour attracted attention in the U.S. around 2008, ushered by the internet, ...

Robots can do parkour now. This is fine.  SB Nation

Everything is great.

Video: Fabio Wibmer in Bike vs. Parkour

London and Paris like you've never seen them before.

Dow's Matt Davis jumps into advisory role at parkour group  PRWeek

LOS ANGELES: Matt Davis, former president of Dow North America and SVP of global corporate affairs, has joined the World Freerunning Parkour Federation's ...

Creators Going Pro: Parkour Team STORROR Has Built Up A YouTube Business To Dizzying Heights, Aims Higher With New Venture  Tubefilter

Welcome to Creators Going Pro, where in partnership with Semaphore ? a creator-focused family of companies providing business and financial services to ...

Parkour creates caring community  Highlands Ranch Herald

Ken Arrington, founder of parkour gym Path Movement, knows that parkour ? in which athletes often scale walls, make 9-foot leaps and traverse rails 10 feet off ...

Parkour stars flip their way through Urban Park  Olympics

With curious children watching, Fernandez executes a back flip, a side somersault and some jumps over boxes as he makes his way through the area at Urban ...

Freerunning and parkour gym now open in Southlake  Community Impact Newspaper

Tempest Freerunning Academy held a grand opening Dec. 2 for its first Texas location at 280 Commerce St., Ste. 100, Southlake. The gym offers freerunning ...

Parkour Bobcat: Athletic Bobcat Snags Squirrel Out of Mid-Air  OutdoorHub

some wild footage of a bobcat chasing a squirrel up a tree, and pulling off a maneuver that earned its nickname: parkour bobcat.

Pacific Highlands Ranch Unveils New Park, Features San Diego's First-Ever 'Parkour Area'  NBC 7 San Diego

City leaders unveiled a new park in Pacific Highlands Ranch Wednesday, which includes San Diego's first-ever free public parkour area. The grand opening for ...

Egyptian women challenge social norms by practicing Parkour  Reuters

CAIRO (Reuters) - A group of Egyptian women gather at an abandoned park in a Cairo suburb once a week, climbing walls and jumping around in the strenuous ...

Editorial Cartoon for May 16  The Westminster Window

The National Association of School Psychologists has advice for parents wanting information on how to talk to their children in the aftermath of tragedies like the ...

DJI is out-GoProing GoPro with its own action camera  TechCrunch

For a brief time, DJI and GoPro were partners ? or at least uncomfortable allies. Way back in 2014, the companies were joined together with the intention of ...

Midnight Mania! Joe Rogan loses his mind over ?next level? parkour MMA in Russia  MMA Mania

Welcome to Midnight Mania! Joe Rogan consistently finds the best *content* on the internet. What could be crazier than Russian team MMA? Russian Team MMA ...

The Boston Dynamics Robot Atlas Is Now a Parkour Master  Futurism

In a newly released video, you can watch Boston Dynamics's humanoid robot Atlas parkour its way across a makeshift obstacle course.

Top graduating senior an aspiring Elon Musk ? minus the tweeting  University of California

Tyler Chen hadn't even started his freshman year at UC Berkeley when he began scouting for students on campus with engineering talent. He was looking to ...

'Parkour 3.0': freestyle skier masters elaborate obstacle course ? video  The Guardian

Freestyle skier Andri Ragettli has successfully completed a complex parkour obstacle course without touching the ground once - after 53 attempts.

Egyptian Women Hope to Form Country?s First Parkour Team  Voice of America

The sport of parkour started in France in the 1980s. Its name comes from the French word 'parcours' (course or route). It involves moving through a city setting as ...

This skier?s parkour training is the greatest game of ?the floor is lava? ever  SB Nation

Freestyle skier Andri Ragettli is already preparing for the 2022 Winter Olympics, and his preparation includes a parkour course like you've never seen before.

Fortnite Creative codes: the best edit courses and games from the community  PCGamesN

The best Fortnite Creative codes offer everything from complex edit courses to race tracks.

Panther Parkour flips, rolls its way around campus  University of Pittsburgh The Pitt News

Members of Panther Parkour learn how to to roll, precision jump and run up walls as part of Pitt's non-competitive parkour club.

Gymnastics chiefs accused of stealing parkour  BBC Sport

Gymnastics chiefs have been accused of 'stealing' parkour after voting to include it under its umbrella of sports. Parkour is typically a street sport which involves ...

The benefits of parkour classes for kids

Parkour is not only an activity for sports enthusiasts, it's a way to help kids deal with life's ups and downs while also having some fun.

With parkour, the whole world is your playground  Las Cruces Sun-News

The easiest way to describe it is running, jumping and climbing, the three most fundamental ways of moving,? said Adrian Ruiz of Las Cruces.

Watch: Bike vs. Parkour - Fabio Wibmer Jumps the Highest Roofs in London and Paris

Fabio Wibmer teams up with parkour athletes Johan Tonnoir, Anthony Demeire, and Maxence De Schrooder to take on the streets of London and Paris.

Boston Dynamics Robots Learned Run, Jump, and Parkour Thanks to Its Vision  Inverse

Boston Dynamics' SpotMini robot dog and its humanoid bot Atlas came a long way in 2018. SpotMini can perfectly walk up a flight of stair and dynamically react ...

Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot shows off its parkour moves  CNBC

Boston Dynamics released a new video showing off its humanoid robot's new moves. Atlas is now capable of freestyle running and can fluidly leap over ...

?Fortnite? Creative Map Codes: Best Nuketown, Parkour & Hide & Seek in Early 2019  Newsweek

Fortnite Creative can be a bit intimidating for those without an imaginative mind, but the community is steadily growing thanks to the advent of totally *fresh* maps ...

Mumbai: Six members of UK parkour group deported for performing dangerous stunts on rooftops

The Mumbai Police on Wednesday deported six athletes of a United Kingdom-based parkour group two days after they were caught on camera performing ...

Rehearsal injury forces member of Ireland's Got Talent parkour trio to pull out ahead of semi-finals

A member of parkour and free running trio One Island Clan has been forced to pull out of Saturday's Ireland's Got Talent semi-finals after injuring himself in ...

Parkour the baby goat spends her days sheep-jumping  New York Post

The two-month-old Nubian goat spends her afternoons climbing on the backs of her farm's sheep and daringly hopping from one farm-mate to another.

Egyptian women take to Parkour to challenge social norms  New York Post

Once a week, a group of Egyptian women gathers at an abandoned park in a Cairo, to practice Parkour, while also challenging the country's conservative social ...

Turkey's free-runners paving the way for street sports  Ahval

Jumping from roof-to-roof, wall-to-wall, and throughout the urban jungle: Parkour is growing in Turkey. For practitioners of the sport, also known as ?free-running? ...

'Parkour' problem reaches new heights in Franklin, according to police  Concord Monitor

Leaping between rooftops is the latest trend in New Hampshire's smallest city. Police say a group of young adults have been using the roofs of Franklin ...

Delray Beach man burned while practicing Parkour training dies  Sun Sentinel

Following serious burns from touching a live power wire at a West Palm Beach park on Aug. 1, David Harrison, 20, of Delray Beach died at a Miami hospital.

Parkour program prospers  Yukon News

The Polarettes parkour program has close to 100 participants in just its second year.

This Cool Parkour Athlete Is Jumping Her Way into Headlines and Breaking Stereotypes  About Her

The past few years has seen more headlines on hijabi athletes than ever taking the world by storm. Many of these athletes, particularly from Saudi Arabia, have ...

Kochi gets a taste of parkour  Deccan Chronicle

The three-hour parkour training session amused the onlookers and joggers at Fort Kochi Beach recently.

PICS| Women in Egypt Challenge Social Norms with Parkour  News18

A group of enthusiastic women gather at a park in a Cairo suburb once a week to practice parkour; they climb walls, perform stunts and do the jumping around ...